Let Cecil the lion’s death shine light on Zimbabwe’s human rights abuses

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The Internet melted when news broke that a Minnesota dentist had killed Zimbabwe’s most beloved big cat. Allow me to steal Cecil’s spotlight for a moment with five facts about the country’s egregious human rights record.

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  • Todd

    Feel sorry that human beings find pleasure in hunting animals. Cecil did not deserve to die like that.

    The outrage and outcry is understandable, where is all the outrage when the unborn are killed and their baby parts are reused?

    The same specimens that were quick to come to the defense of ‘cecil’ were either silent or simply ignored and/or are ignoring the cry of the unborn.

  • Larry

    The Godfather Rule is in effect here. Kill dozens of mobsters and nobody bats an eye. Behead one horse and everyone is up in arms.

    For Zimbabwe it is murder 8x the number of people as 9/11 and nobody notices, kill one large feline and everyone is annoyed.

  • Fran

    Man has been murdering man since Cain slew his brother, Abel (Genesis 4:8) and has excelled at it for a very long time. Today’s kids play violent video games for hours and consider murder no big deal; they are desensitized by it. Then you don’t know whether you might survive seeing a movie at a theater. It’s not safe anywhere, even in the U.S.!

    But desentitization of murder also applies to animals, even household pets such as cats, dogs and horses being savagely beaten, tortured and starved.

    The wild animal kingdom is no different, with 97% of wild tigers on planet earth having been killed for their skin and bones and only a few thousand remain.

    So let’s put the full blame about all this on where it belongs: The large number of HUMANS who have NO LOVE for their fellowmen and animals but only HATE. Thankfully, they will receive appropriate judgment for their actions (Rev. 11:18), and only loving and caring humans will remain on earth.