Singer Katy Perry wants to buy L.A. convent, in fight with nuns, archbishop

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Katy Perry performs  "Darkhorse"  at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. --    Photo by Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY Staff

Katy Perry performs "Darkhorse" at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. -- Photo by Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY Staff

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The nuns Googled Perry's videos -- and they weren't pleased. They want to sell to a local restaurateur.

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  • “I wasn’t happy with any of it,” Sister Rita told the Times.

    Nothing seems more out of place today than such Catholic opinions. Founded as they are on the silliest, most childish of baseless claims.

    “I’m not happy” isn’t an argument. It is a whine.
    It is horrible to see a grown up person simply whining. But it is to be expected from all religious philosophies which close people’s minds at 4 years old.

    No priest, rabbi or Imam is allowed to advance further!

  • Mary

    No. Just No!

  • Elledra

    So the nuns received more money (15.5 million) from Hollister than the Archbishop would selling to Perry (14.5 million)–but selling to Perry means the diocese itself would get a big influx of money, fast and direct . . . Is this a diocese that needs to pay damages to victims of clergy sexual abuse and related court expenses (which can be huge)? If so, is this fight related?

  • Maria

    UPDATE: On Thursday, July 30, the LA judge issued a temporary injunction while the lawsuit on the sale of the property is pending. So, for now, no one can lay claim to the multimillion-dollar property until the matter is investigated further, on Sept 15.

    I agree Elledra. I question how the diocese first try to slip the sale thro under a pseudonym for Katy Perry and then asked the nuns to submit a detailed proposal for their sale to Hollister. Does the LA Archdiocese have a sweetheart deal with Parry whereby she’s offering more money behind the scenes to influence them? Transparency, please!

  • joebialek

    From: JOE BIALEK
    Sent: Saturday, July 25, 2015 8:24 PM
    To: LA Times
    Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
    Subject: Letter to the Editor—Nuns Intensify Fight Over Sale of Convent to Katy Perry

    This letter is in response to the article “Nuns Intensify Fight Over Sale of
    Convent to Katy Perry” written by Michael Cieply.

    So Katy Perry wants to purchase a former convent to use as she pleases.
    Well, in the words of SNL’s Church Lady: “now isn’t that special.” Much
    speculation has been made about Ms. Perry and her real intentions for the
    convent; convert it into a sanctuary for celebrations of the Black Mass for

  • Larry

    “But now the nuns are in trouble with their local archbishop who says they don’t own the convent and had no right to sell it. And he wants to sell to Perry.”

    This is why most of one’s closing costs are spent on the title insurance company. One is not supposed to be able to sell property they do not have clear title to. 10 to 1 this case when resolved ends up in property law textbooks all over the country. Legal publishers like cases with famous people involved.

  • Jack

    Max, you sound like a teenager….but you’re not….you’re an adult in the obvious throes of a mid-life crisis.

    Adult minds are ones that have their own opinions but are instinctively predisposed to tolerate the opinions of others….especially on matters of differing reactions of different people to various expressions of human sexuality.

    You sound like you just reached puberty last month.

  • David Webb

    Transparency, indeed!

    Like Sister Rita, I’m not happy with any of it either. I can only imagine Perry and her assembly of Hollyweird deviants performing all kinds of debauchery within the walls of the convent, pleased with the notion of disgracing a once-sanctified retreat from the evils of the world.

    This story moves me to implore the Holy See to make it official policy to raze any structure that once hosted the Eucharist or any religious order prior to the land being sold; which is all that could be sold — the land, but never the structure in which God was worshiped!

  • David Webb

    How many churches and convents has the Vatican II “Church” sold to be disgraced by debaucherous deviants? It is itself a disgrace unto the Church!

    This story moves me to implore the Holy See to make it official policy to raze any structure that once hosted the Eucharist or any religious order prior to the land being sold; which is all that could be sold — the land, but never the structure in which God was worshiped!

  • Be Brave

    RNS censors keep eliminating my posts. Yet the sick and twisted anti-Christians get a total platform here.

    Of course.

  • Be Brave

    She’s fully working for satan. There’s no way around it.

    She’s hot though.

    Hmmmm . . .

  • Jack,

    “you sound like a teenager”

    Another whine.
    Adults address things directly and take responsibility for their opinions. But not you – go ahead an bring on your next childish whine, Jack.
    Nothing will be complete until I see a string of them.

  • @David,

    “all kinds of debauchery within the walls of a convent”

    Katy Perry is probably an improvement over what went on there between the ladies. Hypocrisy is what is rotten – not the lesbian nuns who found something worth living for in such a fetid culture of repression and self censorship.

  • I don’t hear you calling for the razing of churches
    which were filled with the debauched pedophilia – 25,000 CASES at last count !

    And 25,000 cases of serial pedophilia in the priesthood are just the ones we know about according to the department of justice!

    But those churches of debauchery don’t seem to bother you!!!
    This silly convent of recluse nuns has you in a tither? Good grief!

    Religion poisons everything indeed.

  • Atheist Max! Dude,where’ve you been?? Haven’t heard from you for a minute…but,here you are.Don’t pick on the nuns,Max; it’s not nice(Although the picture of a couple of old nuns Googling…well.)—As for the”closing of minds at 4 years old”…Tsk,tsk.Really,Max.Your grasping.I expect better from you…

  • Be Brave


    Religion poisons everything? Those alter boys were victimized by homosexuals. And the centuries these guys were doing their perp thing, it is more than likely 25,000 victims is a tiny number.

    Do the LGBT math dude. You’re the one championing gay pride.

  • BB,

    Homosexuals are not pedophiles anymore than most heterosexuals are violent rapists.

    Pedophilia is criminal debauchery.
    Homosexuality is natural and good.

    And I’m not gay. But that doesn’t mean I won’t defend OBVIOUS truths about gays.

  • Larry

    Seriously, in this day and age, how does one NOT know who holds the title on a piece of property? The church has to be playing fast and loose with the deed here for this issue to even come up.

    As for our resident holy rollers, the convent was already for sale. At this point it is just an overglorified multi unit residency. Venerating the building after it ceased function as a house of worship smacks of idolatry. Something Christians are allegedly supposed to avoid.

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  • Ted

    Great. The atheists here are homophobic bigots, too. Which does go to show homophobia is a cultural disease, not the word of God.

  • Ted

    The vast majority of pedophiles are heterosexual. Or so say the scientific facts. Not, of course, that hate-breeding Bible-cultists would ever let the facts of God’s creation, as He created it and it actually is, interfere with the “proofs” they selectively misinterpret from scripture in pursuit of “justification” for their petty bigotries.

  • Ted

    Or maybe you just don’t know how to run a browser correctly. But, please, don’t let any actual facts interfere with your feelings of martyrdom and persecution.

  • @Ted,

    No, I am not a homophobe – You misread my comment – it is my fault because of how I worded it.

    The debauchery is NOT the homosexuality. It is the hypocrisy.
    The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church (as I said ‘fetid culture of repression’) is the problem.

    It is not my experience that Atheists are homophobic. I have homosexuals among my friends and family who have only received full support from me as homosexually is 100% normal.

  • To clarify:

    Obvious truths about gays:

    Homosexuality has always been normal throughout history.
    Some small percentage of men and women are only attracted to the same sex. This does not harm heterosexuals nor does it threaten them.
    Repressing homosexuality is wrong and unhealthy.

  • Elledra

    Apart from obsessing over Perry’s morality or lack of it, I still think people should be wondering why the Archbishop wants a piece of–well, all of–the action. (There’s not much question regarding why the nuns want to sell.) Are there specific or sudden costs the diocese needs a big chunk of change to pay? Is it just greed? Is it a deliberately agressive act to show who’s boss? (I personally know a monastery whose property a bishop tried to take over when the sisters took their ministry in a direction he didn’t like. The L.A. situation is different, but still . . .)

  • Be Brave


    Same gender sex acts IS homosexuality. Ages of participants doesn’t change that fact.

    Homosexuality is natural and good only if eating through the eye sockets is normal and good. There is not even one aspect of homosexual behavior that is natural. Not if the science of biology, physiology and zoology is to be believed. Throats, tongues, rectums and rubber toys are not part of the sexual reproduction system. As a matter of fact. Scientific facts.

  • BB,

    Science – and medicine – would disagree.

  • MFJ

    You should have researched this topic a bit more. This is the same order of nuns that was taken over by L.A. Cardinal McIntyre post Vatican II. They were following the Vatican II reforms too closely, which he didn’t allow them to do. In order to follow Vatican II reforms, most of the nuns (including Sister Corita Kent, the artist) left the order and formed a non-canonical Community no longer under the control of the Archdiocese. The nuns in the current diocesan Real Estate fight are the nuns who remained in the order under the control of the Archbishop. So an argument which began in the 1960’s has been renewed by a
    new bishop. Very interesting demonstration of how the male churchmen think about female religious. They were afraid of the intelligence and strength of the Immaculate Heart nuns back then, and are still afraid of the few remaining ones!

  • Mary

    I always thought the best next use for a used church or convent was as a gaybar. It just seems so appropriately ironic. And it has happened.

  • Mary

    Jack why are you so insulting? Comparing your post and the one from Max, you are clearly and by far the one who argues more like a teenager. Grow up!