• Larry

    Free speech doesn’t mean free of consequences nor is it an entitlement to speak on nationally broadcast commercial cable television. Liberty Institute is proving once again they exist purely to fund frivolous lawsuits and turn notions of religious freedom into a joke.

    James said something which would make sponsors dive for cover. It made no difference if James thought God inspired it or not. Religious freedom is not license to harm your employers in the name of your faith.

  • ben in oakland

    Larry– they’re not turning it into a joke. They’re doing what they have always done– raise money.

  • ben in oakland

    Let’s see.

    1) He was two days into his employment, and got fired for being even too toxic for Fox News. TOO TOXIC FOR FOX NEWS. I never thought I would say that.

    2) It wasn’t his comments about gay marriage that actually got him in trouble, thought that’s what Fox News said. I’m sure it was all of the rest of his comments, such as when he guest-hosted on Tony Perkins’ radio show in December, when he told a caller that he wasn’t really sure whether gay people should be executed. Sounds like just normal opposition to gay marriage, don’t it?

    3) He works in TX–one of those states where you can be fired for any reason. Suddenly he’s a fan of antidiscrimination laws and government making personnel decisions for private employers. Ironic that Fox “News” is going to pay to put out the flames they’ve been throwing gasoline onto for the last 15 years, and argue to bring this religious freedom nonsense down. I hope it costs them dearly– but still win against fundie…

  • Larry

    It would be far more honest to call it supporting “white christian privilege” than “religious freedom”.

    You are right, it is funny that Fox News now has to defend against frivolous lawsuits they have encouraged everywhere else.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    So First Amendment rights only apply if what is said goes along with the current agenda?
    I think not. Homosexuality isn’t normal and no pronouncement by any governmental agency can make it so.

  • ben in oakland

    You know what’s also not normal? Being a nun.

    The First Amendment says the government shall make no law restricting free speech. It doesn’t protect you from the consequences of that speech by private employers. This idiot can continue to make all of the inflammatory statements he wishes, and on one will care much. But that doesn’t require fox to give him a platform for it.

  • Larry

    Since when is being an announcer on a cable news network an expression of free speech?

    Their speech is literally bought and paid for by the broadcasting network.

    They are employees of a media company dependent on selling commercial time in order to fund the programs they are speaking on.

    His views would cause sponsors to flee in droves. Costing his employers. Free speech and religious expression do not mean you are insulated from the reactions to one’s views. It only means the government can’t regulate it. In this case its a private party seeking to avoid economic fallout.

  • Ted

    Science says you’re wrong, Sister. Not, of course, that most nuns comprehend God’s actual creation, as opposed to the man-made book you idolize.

  • Garson Abuita

    The stated causes of action suggest that he had a contract, so he couldn’t be fired for no reason. On the other hand, contracts for sports broadcasters are going to have clauses allowing termination of employment for this sort of thing. Aside from the contract and public vs. private employer issues, it’s like the situation with the Atlanta fire chief. This wasn’t a copy editor for the Fox Sports (not Fox News) website, he was an on-air personality. His speech is going to affect the viability of the employer and is subject to more restriction.

  • John Standard

    I think comments are getting turned off of more articles lately because everyone is being kind of mean.

  • Dominic

    This is happening all too often, and it will be the future penalty for people who speak their minds, unless it is pro gay marriage. The backlash, when it does come, will not be pretty. Gays, in general, should be ashamed of the arrogant clique that claims to speak for them. Not all gays are pro marriage, remember.

  • Dominic

    Being a nun is one of the highest calling a woman can be offered. It is a life of sacrifice for the love of God. Nuns are responsible for an endless list of human endeavors that men should envy. Schools, orphanages, hospitals, shelters, teachers, nurses, etc., etc. They sacrifice marriage, children, and all the amenities of luxury to be prepared to serve God without distraction.

  • Ted

    Christians feeling “persecuted” need to take a few minutes looking at the fence where Matthew Shepard was hung to die, and learn a bit of humility.

  • Homosexuals will one day “have to answer to the Lord for their actions”. A statement of fact. This offends some so he loses his job? Really? Well, it seems the much of the media today prefer telling lies rather than hearing the truth. Wow. We all will have to answer to the Lord at the final judgment. For the believer however, his debt has been paid in full by Jesus. For the rest, they will have to bear the consequences of their sins, which is eternal death. Jesus died that we might live. For those who claim the name of Jesus and continue practicing sin, they are deceiving themselves. God is not mocked. Receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Turn away from sin and follow the Lord as He leads. Then you will know His peace and joy and promise of eternal life. God Bless.

  • Greg1

    Ted so you are a scientist … So, is the science of evolution true? Or is that homosexuality is part of the natural order? Both can’t be true so which do you believe in?

  • Ben in oakland

    I don’t disagree with that, at least in principle.

    Never the less, being a nun is not normal in the sense that she use the word normal. And that was the point that I was trying to make.

  • Ben in oakland

    Nonsense, Dominic. You are talking about Fox news. What do you think? We all went down there and demanded that they fire this jerk? This bullying meme is very tiresome.

  • Ben in oakland

    More nonsense, Greg. Evolution is not the same thing as reproduction.

  • MarkE

    Look, for hopefully the last time – the First Amendment protections for free expression only apply to the GOVERNMENT – they cannot prevent or punish you for what you say or write. Whether religion-based or not, it is only the government that is precluded from discriminating. Private citizens and businesses have complete freedom to restrict, ignore, and/or contradict whatever you say or write. And they have a right, as in Texas, to fire you for absolutely no reason at all. So stop all of this whining about persecution. It just plain isn’t!!!

  • Rick

    “without distraction”? That is the neo-Platonism anti-sex, anti-body thread in Catholic tradition speaking, not the Christian gospel. The ability to serve God is present in every lifestyle. Nuns can serve, and so can anyone else. Nuns (and other celibates) are not closer to God because they don’t have sex or families. Theirs is not a “higher” calling – it’s the same calling as anyone else who sees God in others and acts accordingly.

  • ben in oakland

    Now you’re persecuting them even more by inflicting facts and logic on them, not saying “there, there, you poor ;little martyr, you”, and denying they are being persecuted.


  • Dominic

    I believe that gay marriage has become a politically correct pose that all citizens are being pressured to agree with and accept, even if it is a personal lie.Those who dare speak against it are increasingly marginalized to avoid lawsuits, poor sales, and identification with homophobia. That’s the tragedy. Like joining the Nazis just to get a job.

  • Larry

    Now you know how all those racists felt when integration was not only legally enforced but also culturally accepted as well. Feeling left out because your deeply held beliefs of treating others like crap is no longer taken seriously under color of law. Oh well.

  • Dominic

    Wrong. Yes, all can follow God, but few can sacrifice an entire life to serve God completely. If the calling is valid, the person forgoes all of the comforts that most of us take for granted. Their only focus is on God and His Work….nothing else is of any importance. They are the “servants of the servants”.

  • Dominic

    The gay cause and the Black cause are not analogous, so stop riding their coattails of civil rights.
    Black discrimination bloomed in the belief that they were somehow less than human.
    Gay discrimination, especially with the marriage act, is a moral and nature issue.
    Blacks are equal human beings. Gay practices do go against nature and morality, both in a religious and historical understanding. Today the world is trying desperately to reinterpret that fact.

  • larry

    Do you think Civil Rights only apply to racial minorities? Of course not. But how would you know? People like yourself have always opposed civil liberties.

    The behavior between racists and the anti-gay crowd is identical in every respect. Both lost the ability to give their bigotry color of law. Both bitterly clung to alternative methods of discrimination. The anti-gay crowd even tries to enact its own version of Jim Crow.

    They use the same stupid arguments concerning their beliefs and freedom of association. Both relied heavily on churches to give their bigotry a veneer of respectability.

    In fact the Southern Baptists began as the chief supporters of slavery, segregation and racial discrimination, now they are he chief supporters of attacking the civil liberties of gays Racists just changed the direction of their hate.

    Now you moan the loss of your undue privilege just like racists did 50 years ago. Same whiny laments, new generation.

  • larry

    Then stop acting like racists did in the prior generation.

    Both thought the people they despised were less than human. Both thought interacting with such people as peers violated their deeply held beliefs. Both rely on churches to give their bigotry a veneer of respectability. Both expected to engage in discriminatory behavior under color of law.

    In fact the SBC had been on the forefront of extolling racism, now they extol attacking the civil liberties of gays. The racists simply changed direction.

    The analogy is dead on. Its just embarrassing to admit such things.

  • The lawsuit is based on ignorance.
    He was not deprived of his right to be a Christian – nor was he fired for being a Christian.
    He was fired for making a Christian claim on air!
    turning his bosses at Fox Sports (a News show) into an arm of Christian Broadcasting and he did so without their consent.

    In America you have the right to speak
    without being thrown in jail for it.

    Religion poisoned his mind, and so he blurted out something stupid. The sickness of religion has that effect on billions of people every day.

    He should sue Religion – and the Christian church in particular – for brainwashing him and feeding him harmful nonsense about gays.

  • Greg1

    Ben evolution and natural selection requires reproduction based upon the natural order , I.e., male female reproduction. And since most gays do not reproduce it should have been naturally selected out long ago

  • Larry

    Untrue. The current theory is that homosexuality prevents overpopulation and frees up family resources for child rearing.

    But don’t let rationally supported get in the way of personal prejudices and sectarian nonsense.

    Lets be brutally honest here. If there was a prenatal test for homosexuality, Bible thumpers like yourself would become advocates for abortion in no time flat.

  • Ben in Oakland

    Well, if they should have been selected out long ago, I guess that simply means you don’t know what you are talking about.

    but then…

  • Dominic


  • Larry’s Other Face

    Anyone who uses racism references to SSM deserve to be ridiculed. Its tasteless, offensive to the actual victims of racism and frequently invoked by people who share an affinity to the perpetrators of it.

    You don’t have to be honest in your arguments if you can be sort of close and find excuses and equivocations for the flaws and misrepresentations made in your rhetoric. 😀

  • Billysees

    ” for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned. “……..Matthew 12:37

    1. It is better not to do or say anything…that will be hurtful to others……Romans 14:21

    2. Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God…..Romans 15:7

    3. …all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble…….1 Peter 3:8

    Faith without works is dead we are told and rightly so.

    None of us can see what others believe, but we can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the words and works they do.

    Words and works are the ‘only things’ that will make life better for as many people as possible.