Gay Scout leader rejected by Ky. Catholic parish

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Greg Bourke before he was forced to resign from Boy Scout leadership in 2012. Photo courtesy Sam Upshaw Jr., The Courier-Journal

Greg Bourke before he was forced to resign from Boy Scout leadership in 2012. Photo courtesy Sam Upshaw Jr., The Courier-Journal

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LOUISVILLE — Greg Bourke, who helped win the right of gays and lesbians to marry, said he learned Tuesday (Aug. 4) that he still can’t be a Boy Scout leader in a local Catholic parish troop.

  • Larry

    bqrq speaking from personal experience as a child molester in his own words,
    “The predators that prey on Boy Scouts usually prefer thin good looking boys”

    After all who better knows the preferences of predators than a predator.

  • Dominic

    Why the constant provoking of the Catholic Church by the gays? Does anyone believe the Church will succumb to gay pressures? It won’t, it can’t, and it is wise for the Church to stand its ground.

  • Greg1

    Yes, that is one of the tactics of the Left, to challenge normalcy, then when the proper response is given, they take the people of righteous opposition to court, and all the way to the SCOTUS. That is their modus operandi. And as long as we have men and women on the Supreme Court who use emotion, rather than the Constitution to make their decisions, then wacky groups like the one this guy represents, end up winning. What the CC should do is ask this man if he would like to go to the Sacrament of Confession, and then chart a course for a new life in Christ. He could even lead a Bible study if he chose to accept our Lord’s teachings. But of course the Left is not interested in wholesome living, but instead is more interested in pursuing the work of darkness.

  • Doc Anthony

    I commend you for saying that, Dominic, and I pray the Catholic Church will hold out against the harsh gestapo-like pressure that Gay Activists intend to put on it.

    The mess you’re seeing now is only the beginning. It WILL get a lot worse — and soon.

    Our Lady of Lourdes parish has done the right thing and stood fast, but within three years or less, you may see OTHER parishes openly surrendering and kowtowing to the evil of the Gay Religion. Stormy weather lies ahead.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    “Dr. George Rekers, a Christian anti-gay leader, was caught with a hooker—the latest example of hypocrisy on the religious right. Michelle Goldberg on why Ted Haggards keep happening.

    In 1996, three researchers from the University of Georgia published a study in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology about the links between homophobia and homosexual arousal. The authors, Henry E. Adams, Lester W. Wright, Jr., and Bethany A. Lohr, started with 35 straight men identified as homophobic and 29 straight men that were not. Both groups were shown heterosexual, lesbian and gay male porn while their erectile responses were measured. “Only the homophobic men showed an increase in penile erection to male homosexual stimuli,” reported the researchers.

    Rekers deserves a measure of pity as well as scorn. If he portrayed homosexuality as a life-destroying temptation that only the strictest of measures could contain, that’s because, for him, it was.


  • CarrotCakeMan

    “It was empirical evidence for a theory long popular among psychoanalysts: that those most hostile to gay people are often driven by terror and shame about their own desires.”

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Isn’t it interesting how anti-gays always claim they know more about LGBT Americans than LGBT Americans themselves?

  • CarrotCakeMan

    How much time a day do you fantasize about that?

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Don’t worry, boys. Soon this parish will close, too. Your brother anti-gays, the hate-crazed bishops, will be safe in their ivory towers, with no outside world to trouble them. Fully half of all American cradle Catholics have already left the Church forever. These bishops close parishes every year now. Soon, each and every anti-gay religious person in America will fit inside the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas.

  • Daniel Berry, NYC

    Or, in other words, as we used to say when I was an undergrad, “the louder they scream the louder they scream.”

  • Greg1

    Carrot, as usual, you miss the point: God has given us life, a world to live in, and a natural order by which it functions. Only humans have the ability to defy nature; the animals do not, and can not, as God has given them a fixed order. It is a very strange world where the animals strive and achieve a higher level of order than man, neither confounding nature, nor twisting it. That said, there will be more animals in heaven than humans. God gave the animals instinct; he gave man his Word and his Church. And in our day, man has lost God. What did our Lord say?, “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. 14 For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few” (Matthew 7). In this case “life” is eternal life in heaven, and “destruction” is eternal hell.

  • larry

    bqrq, i don’t presume to know what goes through the mind of a child molester. But evidently you do. Why would that be the case? Its because obviously you know what its like to be one. I wouldn’t know what they prefer, but evidently you do. In detail that appears overly familiar.

    So as you accuse people of being sexual predators, it is obvious you are trying to shift focus away from yourself.

    Let us hope you are nowhere in close proximity to children.

  • “Provoking” the Catholic church meaning existing and not accepting being treated like crap in the name of your faith. Much like how some people were deemed uppity if they demanded to be like human beings.

    Frankly the BSA is not there to be the defenders of the faith of a given church sponsor. It is a non-sectarian organization.

  • Be Brave

    Liars very rarely divulge what they secretly desire. It doesn’t take a PhD to figure out the Gays find members of the same gender as sexual objects. That is what literally defines them.


    Keeping this adult gay male as far away from other people’s boys is a very good smart thing to do.

  • Be Brave


    Excellent post. Proving yet again, in a dumbed down world even, that two wrongs always make a wrong. Keeping this gay adult away from other people’s boys is a VERY GOOD thing to do.

    Excellent CarrotCakeMan. We parents thank you for your point.

  • Be Brave


    Just read the story of the Sodomites in Genesis. There is nothing new under the sun. Or, the rainbow. This is what these kinds of people do. Total inhospitality to the most disgusting extremes.

    Of course.

  • Be Brave


    EXCELLENT post once again. Proving of course that shutting down Churches IS THE GOAL of the LGBT community.

    Man you are great to see writing here. Usually the LGBT’s are deceivers. You just lay it out there in real time.

    Keep going man.

  • Be Brave

    The photo used for that gay scout is utterly creepy.

    If the eyes are the window to the soul, his are looking at boys as if he were scouting for them.

    Gives a more accurate definition to sexual orientation. Especially in BSA terms.


    Thank God the Catholics stood their ground.

  • Larry

    So bqrq was being upfront about his secret desires for slender Boy Scouts. You are saying that you secretly desire adolescent girls. Because you naturally think adults are attracted to children as a matter of course.

    Keeping you as far away from children would be a very safe thing to do.

  • bqrq

    Dear Be Brave and Greg1,
    We sincerely respect and appreciate your thoughtful, eloquent and respectful defense of our Faith. Without your contributions, RNS would be just another gay anti-Christian website. Thankfully, we have found a way to give voice to the Word of God.

  • Be Brave


    Wading through the disgusting effluent that is the anti-Christian (and of course pro-gay) comments here is painful. But at least some of our contending remarks towards the reprobates makes it through the filters that RNS keeps always pointed at Christians that dare say anything not showing absolute obeisance to the rainbow flag and its worshippers. One never can forget that L.G.B.T. activism seems to only have only harm to The Church as its driving force. I wish they would just go away and live their lives as fate metes it out. But the desires to get at seduce yet again, the repentant (children of God), must be an overpowering force to deny. But the “powers and principalities” appears to always drive evil to seducing those that show regrets for sins.

  • The Occasional Atheist

    You sir, are the epitome of an anal orifice. You make it sound as though you believe being gay is a choice.
    Clean up your own life and pull your head out of your ass. Welcome to the 21st Century, your Bronze Age ideals are not welcome.

  • The Occasional Atheist

    Well said, Larry! Kudos!

  • Billysees

    ” …the BSA is not there to be the defenders of the faith of a given church sponsor.

    It is a non-sectarian organization. ”

    That should be easily accepted and understood by all.

    But the BSA was smart enough to carve out an exception for church groups that can’t cope with new and better things that modernity brings forth, just so the BSA can continue to prosper and do the great work it has always done.

  • Billysees

    Your comment can be reworded accordingly —

    Why the constant provoking of the LGBT community by the Catholic Church?

    Does anyone believe that LGBTs should succumb to the bullying, scorn and mockery by the Catholic Church?

    They won’t, they shouldn’t, and it is wise for churches to understand this —

    Man’s ways are of the Lord, so how can we understand our own ways?…..Proverbs 20:24

    And…how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!…..Roman’s 11:33

    Behold, these are reasonable attitudes to express towards LGBTs —

    1. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another.
    2. Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.
    3. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.
    4. Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.

  • Gregory Peterson

    Denigrating minority relationships as just being about sex and illicit lusts has been done before, as any of older people who have had an interracial relationship in the bad old days can tell you.

  • Dominic

    Billy, I don’t see the Catholic Church provoking the LGBT community at all. If anything, they are only on the defense against the unwarranted attacks on the Faith. The Catholic Church, above all others, has a well known and firm stand on homosexuality. It, unlike less God-centered Religions, can never compromise its teachings for social “relevance”. It is the gay community that chronically picks and nibbles at the Church, blaming “them” for not honoring their noble cause. The Church sees through the propaganda, and has an eternity to ignore it.

  • Billysees

    ” …I don’t see the Catholic Church provoking the LGBT community at all. ”

    ‘At all’???…that wouldn’t be correct ‘at all’. I keep an eye on religious attitudes about the LGBT community. Maybe scorn and mockery is a bit too strong, but ‘unkind words’ would definitely be accurate from both the Catholic and Protestant churches and individuals.

    Heres a few examples —




    Here’s one of the best attitudes that should prevail —

    They “must” be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided…….Catechism of the Catholic Church (quotes mine)