• Ben in oakland

    The insanity of believing that God ordained pink for girls and blue for boys is just that-insanity. 100 years ago, it was just the opposite. But it’s just like the insanity of believing that all boys are alike, and like to play with Legos, and all girls alike, and find satisfaction only with Barbie dolls.

    But people who believe that as adults, the same holds true are even more insane. One of the sillier arguments put forth by the Antigay marriage people was the idea of complementarity– that all men are alike in fundamental ways when it comes to parenting, and that is different from the way that all women are alike when it comes to parenting.

    as if the ability to parent had a thing to do with either. As if only those crappy fathers had worn blue clothes and played football, while all of those crappy mothers should have worn more pink and played with dolls, their kids wouldn’t be in jail or rehab.

    Silliness piled upon silliness.

  • Greg1

    Target is out of whack with its nonsense. Now there will be even more returns after Christmas when Johnny opens a girl’s gift. Ah! the things foolish people do to appease the nonsense going on in our society. It is time to go to more reasonable places to shop, such as Walmart.

  • Garson Abuita

    Aren’t gift-givers supposed to have some idea of what the recipient would like? Just as no one’s forcing you to get gay-married, no one’s forcing you to buy your son Barbies. No one’s encouraging you to buy them either. All Target is doing is removing labels and letting consumers (parents) buy toys and bedsheets without being shoehorned by the store. If your daughter says she wants blue bedsheets, you should be able to go to a single area of the store to look for blue bedsheets.
    BTW, isn’t there a boycott of Walmart due to its opposition to Arkansas’s proposed bill to allow businesses to deny service to gays and lesbians?

  • David Lloyd-Jones

    Girls’ construction sets came with 76% as many pieces in them, right?


    (Tip o’ the ‘at to B^4)

  • David Lloyd-Jones

    Got bad news for you, Greg: Walmart has stopped selling Confederate flags.

    You’re on your way to extinction..


  • Elledra

    Good grief. So some people are arguing that a father (for example) wanting to buy a Building Set for his daughter absolutely couldn’t find one unless there were a sign explaining the precise location of the “Girls’Building Sets”? (Otherwise he might choose a set that lacked the appropriate girl cooties?) Insisting on this kind of signage seems to assume parents aren’t too bright.

  • Larry

    “Man Poses as Target on Facebook, Then Comically Responds to Complaints about Gender Neutrality”

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