Donald Trump and the politics of white male anger (COMMENTARY)

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Republican 2016 U.S. presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump leaves the stage at the end of the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland, Ohio, August 6, 2015. Photo courtesy REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Republican 2016 U.S. presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump leaves the stage at the end of the first official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign in Cleveland, Ohio, August 6, 2015. Photo courtesy REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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(RNS) Trump's "anti-PC" message seems to resonate with aggrieved white males, which may help to explain his rising popularity as a presidential candidate.

  • Larry
    Donald Trump seen as a Pro-Wrestling “Villain”

    One of the greatest fears of a professional wrestling owner or promoter.. has traditionally been that a champion would go AWOL, and make the choice to not lose a title match when instructed

    … especially one who is a villain such as Donald Trump is to ultimately to lose to a challenger, thus anointing them as the new figure for the fans to support. But instead of accepting the fact that his political career is a creation of the Fox News echo chamber, Donald Trump, at least to this point, seems to actually believe that he is a viable candidate for presidency in 2016. Fox News tried to “bury” Donald Trump earlier this month. And as has happened in professional wrestling on many occasions, this actually on many occasions, this actually made Donald Trump even more popular among movement conservatives and other extreme right-wing elements.

  • Deacon John M. Bresnahan

    As usual white males are the bad guys–usually when acting with some backbone. In our liberal PC world men have to be very,very careful when using any kind of words that offend women that might be sexually connected. Yet all the women in my family agree with me that liberal women constantly throw around sexually loaded insults and barbs at men on TV and news shows— especially on TV talk shows for women. And no one objects—in fact the words usually leads to smarmy jokes. Probably the most used is the constant calling anything that men strongly favor as just testosterone at work. (or insulting variations thereof.)

  • Fran

    Human politics??? Its results over centuries speaks volumes! It does not work and never will.

    Theocracy, or just, perfect and loving rule over humans by God, our Creator and Heavenly Father, through his kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44) is the ONLY government that will soon bring perfect, joyful, and successful results (Isaiah 11:1-9) to mankind on earth.

  • Political Correctness – and political speech in general – is not always honest.
    And that is Trump’s appeal.
    To agree with Trump on that point should not be misread as ‘support’.

    Bluster always fades out. Remember Ross Perot? Dean? And whatshisname from the last election?

    Trump is going to lose. And for all the right reasons.

  • Greg1

    Yes political correctness has always been a tactic of the Left to shut down conversation. A good example in this commentary section is Larry, whose comments are either full steam in one direction (if you agree with him), or full blast in the other direction (when you don’t agree with him). I was watching Bill O’Reilley yesterday, and when he mentioned that almost 80% of black children are born to single mothers, the reps of the Left immediately try to shut down that conversation, when in reality, if blacks in this country were to embrace marriage & the family life, hard work & education, then 90% of their problems, including unemployment, would ebb off. Yet the Left never wants to hear about true root causes, only emotional islands of discussion. Because, let’s face it, if the black population were to rise to the top in the US, then the politicians on the Left would lose both votes, and their talking points. So they need to keep it going and ride that train to the bank.

  • Greg,

    “If blacks…embraced marriage, hard work & education…”

    They’d still get shot by cops.
    And they’d still be denied housing.
    And mortgages.
    And privacy.
    And they’d still be followed in stores by cops.

    Because blacks are accused of crimes simply for showing up in a neighborhood with black skin.

    And it is us – the white people – who can’t seem to figure out how
    to simply see people with black skin as completely American
    And equal to those of us who have
    white skin.

    We are dominant in the culture and it is our responsibility to do more to fix it.
    It is a two way street, yes – but it is important to listen to our black neighbors and try to understand what they are saying.

  • Jack

    Greg, we need to add that leftist whites are not mere bystanders attempting to silence all criticism of inner-city woes and the terrible human toll they exact.

    Rather, they are the chief culprits through their long sponsorship and support of terrible policies that have laid siege to black America and have nearly destroyed the black family, especially young black males, which locking in generations of people into cycles of poverty, pathology, and dependency.

    They have been as destructive to post-civil-rights black America as the KKK and Jim Crow were to pre-civil-rights black America. And many of them no more believe in true racial equality than did the old South and its racist leaders.

  • Jack

    Atheist Max, if you truly believe in racial equality, then please stop treating black American adults as overgrown children who are helpless victims of society. In so doing, you are demeaning and demoralizing the majority of black people who are not in any way victims, but are solidly middle class people who have proven themselves just as capable as you are of making it in life without King or Queen White to help them.

    And while you’re at it, kindly quit empowering the destructive radicalism of the likes of Al Sharpton and the Black Lives Matter charlatans and support the strivings of working-class black people to succeed in life — first by getting the heck out of their way.

  • Jack,

    As one who has two black sisters in law, black nieces and nephews I happen to be up close and personal on this subject.

    Not so long ago my boss at one of my jobs warned me the official policy
    was “don’t hire blacks.” Corporate racism still obliterates worthy blacks.

    And realtors refused to show my black relatives a decent apartment
    even though it was clearly rented to whites a few weeks later!
    Official white power racist policy still EXISTS!

    Your ignorance and condescension are duly noted.
    Shame on you.

  • Jack

    No Max, shame on you, because this really shows how you should know not to put entire races of people into neat little boxes and slap labels on them, like “victim.”

    You seem to have no idea how racist it is to make excuses for the minority within the black community who engage in bad behavior. If you believe in racial equality, you accord people of all races the dignity they possess by treating every one of them as full adults who are fully responsible for their behavior. You treat all men as men, not boys, black or white, and all women as women, not girls, black or white. You don’t make excuses for bad behavior by blaming it on the police or anyone else. You don’t tell black kids that cops are out there ready to shoot them. That is despicable.

    Racial equality means we are all equal — with equal rights and equal responsibilities under the law.

  • Jack,

    Get outside your monk’s dungeon.

    Meet some black people! Get the NAACP reports! Read THE EVIDENCE!

    Learn what most black parents teach their kids and LEARN how institutions continue to break the law.
    Learn how black churches rob black communities of their hard earned money!
    LEARN how disgustingly disproportionate the education funds are to black communities vs. white communities.

    Shame on you for supporting criminal institutions
    which scoff at equal rights. And for sticking yourself into discussions you know nothing about.

  • Larry

    Jack, you are using a canned argument WITH NO RELATION WHATSOEVER to what Max is saying. Not a word of it addresses Max’s points.

    You think you can just handwave away the existence of racism and racist political policies. You think any criticism of how blacks and other minorities are being attacked under color of law is somehow infantilizing them.

    We can add this to the list of subjects you feel the need to pontificate on without a shred of knowledge.

  • dmj76

    “Trump is to lose. And for all the right reasons.”

    You have great faith in the American voters, Recall that twice they put W into the white House.

  • dmj76,

    “You have great faith in the American voters…”

    I have no faith in anything. But I do have confidence and trust based on past evidence.

    Trump will lose because America is comprised of immigrants and in the general election his sort of anti-immigration bluster has consistently lost more votes than it wins because it brings angry democrats out to vote.
    Also, Trump has already lost women. He has therefor thrown 50% of his potential electorate under a bus.

    His odds are so long. He’ll end up with mud on his face and a tarnished name – ‘Trump’ will be synonymous with ‘Toast’ in a few weeks.
    The grown ups in the GOP are about to Swiftboat him mercilessly.

    Keep your eyes on Roger Ailes and the black ops of the GOP.
    It will be very entertaining to watch him wave goodbye.

  • Jack

    I have known black people my entire life, Max. I have met people from all walks of life during my life. That’s exactly why I am so against the stereotyping you do that is so divorced from the real world.

    I’ve caught you in so many lies on these message boards, I don’t know what to believe in terms of what you say, but if even half of what you’ve just said about your own family is true, then you of all people should know better than to make black people fit a wooden stereotype. Maybe I’m a fool to believe what you just wrote because of your lack of integrity in board posting, but my gut says you’re telling the truth this time….and so again, you should know better.

    If you think the average black person is a Black Lives Matter radical, a kid running from the cops, or an Al Sharpton rabble rouser, then you are living in the pages of Mother Jones or The Nation, not the real world. And if you approve of these stereotypes as good role models, that makes it even worse.

  • don

    Some GOP plant yells “white power”

    What are your thoughts on this??

    I find is sad that anyone would do this for any candidate

  • Jack

    Wrong, Larry. We’ve been through this before regarding your previous postings. Its as if you went to sleep 50 years ago and just awakened yesterday. You are living in a 1970s time warp, and have learned next to nothing about what works and what doesn’t work in the real world when it comes to issues of race and wealth, equality and opportunity.

    The last time I tried to have an intelligent conversation with you on these issues, you tried to bluff your way through it, and were totally unfamiliar with the issues and debates of the past 40 years….including the real progress we began to see in the 1990s and why it was happening.

    So long as you cling to that old-time religion of 1970s liberalism, and close your eyes to all that has since happened, you will be reduced to pretending to know what you don’t know on these issues.

  • Jack

    Trump is going to lose, for the same reason that your heroes, Gore and Kerry, failed to win. None of these people are anything close to being presidential material.

    And it is a testimony to the abysmal choices that Gore and Kerry offered as hapless candidates that George W. Bush looked positively Churchillian by comparison.

    So don’t blame the America people for W. Blame the fact that you folks gave them no realistic alternative — as evidenced by the years since then, when Gore transformed himself from a somewhat sensible moderate-to-liberal Democrat into a tub-thumping populist loon, and Kerry distinguished himself by giving us the worst treaty with another country (Iran) in our nation’s history.

  • Jack,

    I don’t lie.
    You however have never backed up a single claim you ever made.

    Black Lives Matter is a rational response to an ongoing crisis.

  • Jack,

    “your heroes”


    Do you even go 10 minutes without making assumptions and assertions?
    Gore was no hero of mine.
    But he would have offered a NONreligious, Rational approach to 9/11 instead of the blundering RELIGIOUS CRUSADE of W!

    BUSH is your despicable, religious idiot creation.
    Not mine!

  • Larry

    Its not a “plant” when subtext becomes text.

    The GOP actively campaigns to rob blacks, elderly and urban poor of their ability to vote. They also have speakers who talk about how slavery wasn’t so bad for black people. They actively campaign to support de facto segregation on a local level. Demonizing blacks, especially black youth is a major part of conservative rhetoric. The only fault in shouting “white power” at a GOP event is that they are being too obvious for the usual game plant..

  • Jack

    Max, you have lied many times. One type of example is when other posters have caught you making factual errors and even after reading their corrections, you have gone on to post the same thing, knowing it to be erroneous. In my book, that’s lying…..posting what you knew to be false, since it was pointed out to you and you then repeated it anyway..

  • Dominic

    White males have a right to be angry, and that is the raw appeal of Trump after decades of politically correct stances. “Ignore the facts and label truths as discrimination”.
    Only, only, white males can be criticized for everything that is wrong in America. Somehow, Blacks, Gays, women, atheists, native Americans, etc. have become entitled groups beyond critique. There are special months or days that celebrate the achievements of every imaginable group ……except European White American Males. I understand the push for recognition of diversity, but don’t push out the most successful, constructive group that built America.
    I don’t think Trump could win an election, but people love his audacious disregard for “saying the right thing”, as opposed to saying he truth.

  • Jack,

    Your claim that a God exists is easily dismissed.

    When I say “There is probably no God” I am not lying.
    I am simply pointing out that you have not provided evidence to support your claim.

    You are the one spreading false and dishonest claims. Not me.

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  • Larry

    Jack, you love making generalizations about groups you neither belong to nor know much about. The canned, rehearsed nature of your argument and really inapt “strawman burning” are pretty apparent.

    You sound like someone who never lived through any of the time period you described and only learned it from conservative politician policy statements. Someone whose knowledge of the situation is 3rd hand, woefully distorted and has no relation to what is plainly apparent to anyone willing to see for themselves.

    “Conservative solutions” to poverty essentially means let them die out of sight from others. Indifference and antagonism is part and parcel with sub-rosa racism (and all sorts of other bigotries) which are given color of law.

    The protests in Ferguson came about primarily as a response to a very local form of corruption. A blatantly predatory law enforcement/judiciary which was literally shaking down the black population like gangsters.

  • Larry

    Aw poor babies. They are losing the ability to give their prejudices the color of law. Casual bigotry is falling out of favor. I wonder how they can handle such a situation?

    Trump is the conservative equivalent of Forbidden Planet’s “Id monster”. The darkest and nastiest thoughts of conservatives given destructive form.

    There are some who claim he is either an agent of Hilary or a fiscal conservative candidate (Walker, Christie, JBush).

  • Dominic

    Really ? A Forbidden planet reference. Nerd alert.

  • Larry

    LOL. You still got the reference. I still stand by it.

    What I really love is how the other candidates are now falling over themselves to be as offensively silly as Weaselhair

    We even have Ted Cruz endorsing a return of slavery.

    Trump as agent provocateur really is starting to make sense.

  • Jack

    Larry, again, we’ve been through this before.

    I tried to have a genuinely substantive discussion with you on competing ways to fight poverty and pathology — given all we’ve learned about what works and what doesn’t work — but you don’t seem to care at all about it when we get down to concrete action. I guess you’re one of those people who’d rather feel good than do good. You’re more about creed than deed, as do others like yourself.

    Meanwhile, generations remain locked into poverty, kids grow up with little hope, and all you care about is battling “conservatives” rather than actually bettering the lives of your fellow human beings.

    It’s too bad….because when people like you prevail, the people who lose are not “conservatives” or rich people, but the poorest of the poor. That’s on your head, and if it were me, I frankly don’t know how I would sleep at night.

  • Jack

    Wrong, Larry. What I don’t like about Republicans is their timidity, cluelessness, and cowardice on issues of race and disadvantage. They know what and where the solutions are but they’re running scared.

    But what I don’t like about Democrats is a horrific and exploitative record on race relations — a record of pitting the races against each other that goes back nearly 170 years, to before the Civil War, continuing to this very day.

    This was the party of slavery, whereas the GOP was formed to stop slavery and eventually did. This was the party of Jim Crow, whereas the GOP ignited America’s first civil rights revolution after the Civil War.

    I do give Hubert Humphrey, JFK, and a whole generation of Democrats credit for supporting a 20th century civil rights revival, but since that time, it’s been business as usual….The post-1960s radical-dominated party believes blacks are too stupid to be treated equally, a damnable lie.

  • Larry

    You simply repeat conservative political mantra with no relation to what is actually being discussed.

    Conservatives deserve to be piloried because they are working to make things as bad as possible.

    What is the conservative solution to poverty and discrimination? Promote both and pretend it doesn’t exist. Cutting social services, attacking public education, attacking access to family planning, and ignoring discrimination have been the conservative course of action for the last 40 years. The end result is the poor stay poor and the stability of the working/middle class has been eroding.

    Kids are locked in poverty because jobs which pay living wages have long left many of their communities. Outside of areas where there is a strong organized labor influence, industrial labor no longer pays living wages. The chief reason for school dropouts is teen pregnancy.

  • Jack

    Max, you’re lying again. Atheists are no more or less honest than theists so it has nothing to do with either. You are simply a dishonest person, period. That’s who and what you are. You’ve proven it time and again. You make a careless error, somebody corrects it, you blow it off, and then you re-post that same error days later, when you think nobody’s looking.

  • Jack

    Wrong, Larry. I don’t know what the “conservative” solution is, but I do know what the obvious, workable solution is. It’s to return dollars and power to community-based poverty fighters in every municipality across the nation — to dedicated human beings with a proven track record of actually getting people out of poverty, to people who know their neighborhoods and the people in them, including those who need help.

    Under both Republican and Democratic administrations in states and cities across the nation, this began to happen in the 1990s, an era where bipartisan governance actually worked and poverty began to fall in a big way, not just because of a booming economy, but because people were getting real help as they were transitioning from welfare to work. There was no “Republican” or “Democratic” answer — there was an American answer, a Tocquevillian answer that fit our culture and our history as a people.

  • Larry

    “I don’t know what the “conservative” solution is”

    Nobody does. There is none. Their answer to poverty demonize public assistance and those who receive it. They also love cutting funding to or demonizing “community based” efforts unless they are tied with some large religious organization.

    “in the 1990s, an era where bipartisan governance actually worked and poverty began to fall in a big way”

    Did you live through the 1990’s? Partisan sniping was practically at a fever pitch. The Republicans shut down Congress several times in order to get their way during that period. The early 90’s was a recession which was ended by a “bubble” market. But even that faded quickly.

    One of the reasons the real estate bubble had started in the early 00’s was because securities markets were in doldrums between the tech bubble bust and post 9/11 recovery. Eventually undermining the primary source of wealth for the middle class, home ownership.

  • Larry

    More evidence of the Trump’s moronicizing of the GOP platform

    “5 GOP Candidates Who’d Force Women to Birth a Rapist’s Baby, Deny Her Child Citizenship”

  • Larry

    More evidence of the Trump’s lowering the IQ level of the GOP platform.

    “5 GOP Candidates Who’d Force Women to Birth a Rapist’s Baby, Deny Her Child Citizenship”

    You can almost feel the intelligence slowly dissipating into the atmosphere as you read.

  • Philip

    WHACK! It’s another personal attack by AD HOMINEM JACK. Caught you at it again, little boy Jackie! You are a very small boy.

  • Dominic

    Welfare or slavery? Hmmm. One is productive, one is a drain on humanity. Which one shall I pick?

  • Bill

    Here’s a deal that the Trumpsters can’t seem to wrap their heads around: to be tolerated you need to do tolerance.