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  • Dominic

    Fighting for the right to be a drag queen does not really register to me as an act of courage or be a cause worthy of much attention. Of course, his and his Muslim family is in danger of death….and he risks this happening in order to wear bras and high heels? There are more heroic values to take on as a cause, causes one would die for……but, becoming another RuPaul? Selfish, silly, and dangerously worthless.

  • Dominic

    ………and he is a very ugly woman, by the way.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    What a cruel sentiment this is.

  • Dominic

    Not cruel. This drag queen’s “cause” may actually endanger the lives of its family, friends, or patrons at its “shows”. I didn’t create the Muslim mentality…..they have murdered people for just existing, let alone people actually taunting their beliefs from “inside” their religion.
    His/her obituary won’t be far off.

  • Cam

    Yeah, you look a lot more attractive than him in your high heels but better ask him-her what he-she does about all that hair everywhere.