In Catholic Colombia, LGBT people find growing acceptance

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The Rev. Iván Darío Gutiérrez, left, and Camilo Moreno at one of Bogota’s gay community centers. Photo courtesy of Chris Herlinger

The Rev. Iván Darío Gutiérrez, left, and Camilo Moreno at one of Bogota’s gay community centers. Photo courtesy of Chris Herlinger

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BOGOTA, Colombia (RNS) Not long ago, the thought of a transgender person speaking openly to a Catholic priest here would have seemed unthinkable. Now cultural shifts are making way for LGBT acceptance.

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  • Dominic

    The drug capital of the western hemisphere is loosening up its discrimination of gays. Seems like a step up, at least.

  • Greg1

    Yes, in 2Thessalonians 2:7, Paul speaks of the end times, making the following statement: “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.” One would assume that the restrainer, whether that be St. Michael the Archangel, or St. Rafael, has now been instructed by God to allow man to descend to his lowest primal self. Things are getting very very weird out there. And of course they bring in this Catholic priest, who just broad brushes Matthew 22:30 about gender in heaven, without taking into account that Jesus rose from the dead in his Glorified Body as a man. Marriage is one thing, gender is another.

  • Dominic

    It’s a shame that these third world countries are taking steps to legalize gay marriage because they want to be more like the West, not because its something their countrymen want. Moral progress ended some 50 years ago. Machiavelli would be so proud.

  • Ben in oakland

    What’s a shame is that you assume everyone is as religiously benighted and as humanely backwards as you. Not everyone mistakes their mere social prejudices for the word of God, or takes their belief that it is the word of God as an excuse to despise the people they know and love. That takes a special kind of person to ignore reality in favor of their prejudices.

    The civilized world is changing, and changing rapidly. Not surprisingly, the most Antigay countries are the most theocratic, the most repressive, the most authoritarian, the poorest, and usually crap holes to live in.most of Africa, most of the Middle East, Russia, the less civilized part of Sothh America, though that is just coming around.

    Yup. The world is changing, and you don’t like it. So you call the churches that are changing fake Christians, you express admiration for dictators like Putin, you make up stuff about gay people.

    Too bad. you’re losing.

  • Greg1

    Actually, there have been instances where western countries, including the USA, have threatened to withhold their Foreign Aid to many third world countries unless they tow the line on things like gay marriage and the like, which is very bad to deliberately subvert a culture. But as for the fact that things are changing very quickly, well, that is a sign of the End Times. 2 Peter 3:3-7, 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, 1Timothy 4:1, Joel 2:28-32 (apparitions abound in our day),

  • Dominic

    What I don’t like is that the world is changing in non-important, useless ways that address only minor ideological issues. The invention of gay marriage serves the needs of no one, and only degrades a social is not an historical accomplishment of value.
    Abortion has only brought on millions of arguments for what life is, should we use parts of the baby for experiments? That lion’s life in Africa is more mourned today. Again, abortion brought society nothing but evil.
    Ashley Madison sites are permitted to exist, when the basis for it is openly adultress. This is progress? This is important for man’s right to freedom?
    Too much time and money is wasted on moving backward, to redefine historical immorality as now a moral necessity. To what end?
    Chastising religion, the only traffic cop for good, is now a “danger” to civilization and is an accepted stance people are free to adopt.
    Humanity is wasting too much energy on regressive “advancement”.

  • Larry

    Except that isn’t true.

    Aid is being withheld from countries which are going out if their way to attack gays. The blame for such discriminatory policies in those nations can be laid at the feet of American evangelicals who try to enact abroad what they are forbidden to do in the developed world.

    The anti gay movement in the US has foreign blood on its hands. This is not surprising as the same people actively encourage suicide and murder of gays here.

    But murder and oppression is perfectly moral if God says so, right?

  • Larry

    Between narcotraffickers and FARC who has time to engage in such useless bigoted discrimination of a harmless segment of society?

  • Ben in oakland

    Thanks for your first paragraph. It certainly proves my usual point.

    So my marriage serves no purpose at all? And the marriages of the many couples that I know that of adopted the cast off, unwanted products of heterosexual reproduction also serve no purpose.

    Got it.

  • BB


    The reality is the gay pride gains road into town on the godless train. As societies jettison God and Noble morality, gay behavior becomes more embraced.

    Of course.

  • BB


    Drugged and raped boys are not to be ignored. Gay behavior is anything but harmless to society.

  • Larry

    If you don’t want boys drugged and raped, then get rid of the nearby Catholic churches. Those priests can’t get their grubby mitts off the young’ins.

    Of course one of the most common way for child molesters to go about their business is make scapegoats. This is why the Boy Scouts of America, despite a 20+ year ban on gays as both members and leaders was rife with sexual abuse.

    Studies show that sexual predators do not have gender preferences and merely go for targets of opportunity. Most prefer girls but lack the access to them. But don’t let facts get in the way of your defamation.

    But its nice to know who here are malicious lying bigots (and probably closet pedophiles).

  • Dominic

    What you have, no matter how upright, is not a marriage. Imitating marriage does not qualify as a marriage, just like plastic surgery does not change one’s gender. It is a superficial deception, a lie, now somehow being recognized as what it is pretending to be.
    Gays in partnerships should leave it at that. Their rights are equal to those married, so including it in the marriage definition is over-the-top pandering to a noisy minority.

  • BB

    But its nice to know who here are malicious lying bigots (and probably closet pedophiles). – Larry

    Yes, yes, they march under and fly proudly the rainbow flag. Some as Catholics and some as hidden “Boy Scout” leaders.

    But the same old ancient ev_l is the driving force.

  • Larry

    BB, I am pretty certain you are a pedophile looking to shift suspicion elsewhere. Its usually the people who crow the loudest are the ones hiding the deepest secrets.

    How could there be so many child molesters in the Boy Scouts and Catholic Church when they go out of their way to remove people who are in consensual adult homosexual relations? Oh right, those people, have nothing to do with it.

    People shouldn’t talk about evil when they engage in petty defamation and outright lying like you do.

  • Greg1

    Larry just verified my remark with his Leftist retort. Again, the Leftists have only two positions on any subject, the Leftist position, and the position that everyone else is a hater, who disagrees with the Leftist position.

  • Larry

    Calling me a “leftist” doesn’t make your statements factually correct nor is it a denial of bad behavior of people who you gladly support. ALl you are telling me is that you have nothing of value to say in response other than childish name calling.