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  • Ben in oakland

    Quelles suprises.

    Yet another catholic priest caught with his hands down the cookie jars pants, with an explanation that would do a Duggar proud.

  • Religion denies every healthy expression of sexuality.
    So it does not surprise me when a Preist acts in a depraved, disgusting way regarding sexuality.

    Religion also denies personal responsibility.
    So it does not surprise me that a Priest would act in a depraved disgusting way in an effort to dismiss his responsibility for criminal behavior.

    If only the religious would see the depravity of their philosophy
    more people would abandon it – and much quicker!

    Religion is fundamentally a ruinous philosophy.

  • Greg1

    Why did this guy even become a priest??? He should be laicized, and the Vatican should send some actual Catholic psychiatrists to properly screen men for the seminary. These seminaries must know by now that the Church has had enough with the experiments of the late 20th century, and is now screening anyone who is not in there for all the right reasons. That is why I will continue to say, “bring back the married priesthood!” Those men are mentally stable, and will not do any of the strange things we’ve read about, and continue to read about. I have no problem with the celibate priesthood, but those men are not in plenitude, so a good mix is needed. The Eastern Rites have the married priesthood, so the Roman Rite should do the same.

  • Neil

    Thank you for your good words !! It seems that, one tries, and can, in many cases,
    use religion as an excuse for any type of behaviour. When will and does the word “respect” come into play?

  • MarkE

    Sure, being married ensures stability and integrity. Just look at Josh Duggar, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggert, Jim Bakker, and on and on.

  • Robert Addington

    If true, defrock him.

    Note his surname. Jesus and Mary won’t be much help to him where he’s going!

  • Larry

    If not for the sentence, the church would have just reassigned him and hushed it all up. Like they do with all sexual predators in their ranks.

  • Greg1

    Indeed the Christian life is one of sacrifice (Luke 18:30), but there is a natural order of things that are proclaimed loudly and clearly in nature itself, and that, of course, is the order of male/female union, reproduction, and continuance of the human race. So I don’t believe that intrinsic, natural design should be a non sequitur for someone attracted to the Apostolic Priesthood. And of course there will always be the Josh Duggars, as sin is also intrinsic to the human heart, but a family man, who is also busy with the duties of a priest, leaves him with very little spare time. Hey, the Eastern Catholic Churches, as well as the Orthodox Churches allow married men to be ordained, so what’s the big deal Rome? There would be less negative headlines if we made that change.

  • spacegod

    Sheer duggary.