Supreme Court says Kentucky clerk can’t deny same-sex marriage licenses

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Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis appearing at the Federal Courthouse in Covington. Photo by Mike Wynn, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis appearing at the Federal Courthouse in Covington. Photo by Mike Wynn, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal.

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WASHINGTON – The ruling, made without comment or any apparent dissents, is an early indication that while some push-back against gay marriage on religious grounds may be upheld, the justices won't tolerate it from public officials.

  • larry

    To Greg1, Doc Anthony, Dominic, Deacon John, and the rest of the fundie crowd I have only this to sat:

    neener, neener, neener


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  • Greg1

    Well we knew for some time now that the SCOTUS has become nothing more than an extension of the Obama administration. This clearly shows how political they’ve become. So it is time to use all the tools of the Left, and perform mass denial of licenses to gay marriage applicants. Every county clerk needs to collude, and show that there is power in numbers, just as the Left does to promote its odd agenda. It is time to become the Right Left.

  • Jesus is imaginary.
    That is why prayers to Jesus on Supreme Court issues
    do not result in the kinds of results which people prayed for.

    The Bible demonstrates why Jesus is imaginary:

  • @Greg,

    Did you graduate 4th Grade?

    Do you not understand
    what it means to ‘uphold the Constitution’?

    “Congress shall make no law establishing a religion…..”

    Obama didn’t write that! America’s founders did!

    It is called “Separation of church and state.” Get an education!
    Or did the Tea Party Republicans cancel your local school funding already?

  • Greg1

    When the Left of this country actually stands up for the Constitution, rather than trampling upon it, then the rest of us will stand up for what this country at one time stood for. Let’s see, states like Colorado blatantly violates Federal drug laws, and does so with glee. Cities like San Fran blatantly harbors illegal felons, and does so with glee. And the list goes on. So why should anyone actually follow federal law any more, or follow SCOTUS rulings that are out in Left field? It is time for those who believe in Constitutional Rights, to stand up for them. The SCOTUS has shown itself to be irrelevant anymore.

  • Davey

    I feel very bad for her. She’s become nothing but a tool for the liberty council. But, her choice so while I feel sorry for her, I’m good with whatever the deems to dish out.

  • Davey

    And so, Mr. Greg, what actions are you taking to take back your country which you say the left has stolen? Or are you all talk and no action? I feel sorry for you in your ignorance.

  • Paula

    This is absolutely the correct decision. If she were Amish, should we allow her to refuse to grant drivers’ licenses?

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  • Ted

    So, government employees have to obey the law. And, in related news, water is wet, and 2+2=4.

    But, please all you Bible-cultists, do keep whining about how persecuted you are, living here in the USA.. Your utter lack of intelligent self perspective is sad and funny … As I read all the news about *actual* persecution in Syria and Iraq.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Davis is the one playing hardball here. She has religious right groups bankrolling her while the county is left with the tab for her disgraceful conduct. Kentuckians are sick of this sort of grandstanding. She’s a hero only to a dwindling band of tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nuts who are dying out.



  • The Great God Pan

    I thought conservatives were supposed to complain about lazy civil servants, not rally behind them…

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    A religious person does not give up his or her convictions just because of public sector employment. She has the protection of the Constitution that the members of SCOTUS don’t seem to know as well as they should.
    They are not worthy of the honor of their positions and should be removed.

  • RDPence

    If County Clerk Kim Davis cannot, for whatever reason, fulfill the duties of the office to which she was elected, then the honorable thing for her to do is simply resign. Allow someone else to fill that office who can fulfill its responsibilities. The solution to this dilemma is really quite simple, when you stop to think about it.

  • Greg1

    When she took her job, it involved traditional, normal job requirements. Now, however, the SCOTUS has thrown her position onto a new planet, where, unlike her previous job requirements, which were compatible with her religious convictions, now, however, her job requires her to participate in evil. This whole thing is right out of the Devil’s game book. But it must be. These things all must happen before Christ’s Return. And no it is not for this woman to quit her job, it is time for Kentucky to change its laws to refute the SCOTUS, and allow this woman to keep her job, and continue doing what she has been doing. And what I mean about Kentucky, is just as Colorado changed its laws to allow marijuana growth and sales, and just as San Fran changed its laws to allow illegal felons to stay there, Kentucky needs to abridge their laws to allow this woman to refuse Marriage Licenses in Kentucky against the federal so called law. Hey everyone else is doing it, let’s make the feds irrelevant.

  • Larry

    SCOTUS knows the constitution better than you do.

    Most 4th graders know the Constitution better than you do.

    The Constitution does not make free exercise of religion a catch-all to disobey any laws someone finds inconvenient. It is not license to discriminate in public office as she did. A public servant has to obey the law and uphold them. If they can’t, their services are no longer necessary.

    You are simply being whiny and self-entitled.

  • There is no necessity in changing laws to allow a self-important bigot to forsake her duty to the public.

    Your right to free exercise of religion does not apply to government service.

    As a representative of the government, you represent the entire public of your given polity. If you feel that you cannot or will not serve that public, you have no reason to stay in office.

    You want a right to treat others like crap and claim God tells you so, well eff you and the horse you rode in on. Nobody has to give that respect or deference to something so harmful to the public. We all have a right not to be made subject to your religious peccadillos.

  • Greg you are mentally challenged.

    It only takes 4 justices to have a case heard in SCOTUS. There are 4 ultra-conservative ones (Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts). Even they thought this case was such a steaming pile of dookie that they didn’t want to go near it.

  • Larry

    Guess who said these words?:

    “We have never held that an individual’s religious beliefs excuse him from compliance with an otherwise valid law prohibiting conduct that the State is free to regulate. ”

    “The mere possession of religious convictions which contradict the relevant concerns of a political society does not relieve the citizen from the discharge of political responsibilities.”

    “Subsequent decisions have consistently held that the right of free exercise does not relieve an individual of the obligation to comply with a valid and neutral law of general applicability on the ground that the law proscribes (or prescribes) conduct that his religion prescribes (or proscribes).”

    Antonin Scalia

    The most conservative, deferential to Christian privilege nonsense, justice on SCOTUS. A man who voted against marriage equality.

  • Algea Lupa

    No one telling anyone that you can’t misinterpret the bible anyway you want. In fact you can maintain your “religious beliefs” in a show of protest by QUITTING YOUR JOB. That’ll show em. But having a job with the U.S. Government is a privilege and not a right. People have been abUSING the bible to justify racial segregation anti interracial marriage slavery polygamy concubinage war peace protest anti Semitism sexism anti sufferage anti (anyone other than adult male wasp) pro stoning of adulterers stoning of disobedient children judging of others. Again no one is stoping you from having your beliefs (no matter how misguided) but you can no longer use it to abuse and bully others. The “old” testament was assembled 600 years after the death of Jesus &is not interchangeable with the Talmud/Torah. If you followed Jesus than you are not following him now. Jesus asks of his faithful “you will follow MY commandments”& he only had two: “love thy lord” & “love thy neighbor”…

  • TC

    I can see now, a lot of people in this country will not make it to heaven. Including our corrupt judges.

  • TC

    Its because many of our courts and judges are also corrupt, just like most of the politicians are. One day they WILL have to answer to God.

  • TC

    Man made laws do NOT overrule Gods laws.

  • Greg1

    You know better than that, Larry. You are referring to 1989, a time when people clearly understood that “good” has a wide interpretation, and one good, does not necessarily discard another good, but that there is a preference that must be respected. However, in our day, when evil is being twisted into a good, well, we all know that a line has been crossed, and it is a bridge too far. Forcing a clerk to perform something out of a fiction novel, is when the line has been crossed, and it is time for the Right to engage in the tactics of the Left, and that is to render the federal government powerless, and useless. The Right needs to become the new Right Left, using all the civil disobedience tactics the loony Left has engaged in for years, and throw it all back in their proverbial faces.

  • … said the Ayatollah.