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  • Larry

    So this whole thing is both advertising for Liberty Counsel’s rather toxic services and a way to waste taxpayer money as a token of “fiscal responsibility”.

    What Liberty Counsel never tells their clients is that although they provide legal services for free, their clients are usually on the hook for their opponent’s legal fees as a sanction.

    Alabama is already on the hook for 500K for engaging in frivolous lawsuits to avoid complying with SCOTUS.

  • Dominic

    The whole situation is now tiresome. How ’bout that genius Obama up in Alaska renaming Mt. McKinley and watching a glacier melt? Thank God he is taking on these hot button issues. He will now declare global warming a reality as he shows the home movies of himself standing in a puddle that was once an ice cube. Great guy.

  • ed

    Religion has always been used to discriminate against people. This is no different. If you are a Christian (and I am), I’d like to know where in the NEW testament (like maybe the Gospels) you can find any basis to discriminate against gayfolk. Did Jesus ever speak about this in the Gospels? Or anywhere else? No. People often use religion as a way to justify their own bigotry. This clerk is no different.

  • Dominic

    Edd, where have you been? Gay marriage…. a sin…is what is being discriminated against, not gay people. Sin is most certainly to be hated by every normal person.

  • larry

    Well if Bible thumpers got it through their thick skulls that your religious belief does entitle you to act like a horse’s posterior to others, we wouldn’t have this situation.

    Nobody has to rely on the prejudices of civil servants in order to obtain services they are legally entitled to.

  • Its also legal. If you don’t like it. Tough crap. Nobody requires your approval for such matters. Religious freedom means I don’t ever have to care what you consider “sin”.

    Government workers don’t get to force others to abide by their religious views. Moral people in such a quandry would quit their position. But Davis is not a moral person. Neither are her supporters.

    Liberty Counsel being the most loathsome of all. Their sole purpose is publicity. They survive on wingnut welfare.

  • David F Mayer

    They are riding a dead horse, here. The Supreme Court has decided the matter and that is all there is to it from a legal standpoint. Unless and until the Supreme Court reverses itself, or a constitutional amendment is ratified that reverses that decision, that decision stands.

  • dmj76


    Heaven forbid that I should give someone advice, but …
    There are Catholic voices that are not sarcastic and obnoxious. Please check out Father Robert Barron – zillions of people watch him on You tube. He is a perfect example of someone defending their religion in an effective way.


  • Greg1

    I don’t see it as being a dead horse. Should the governor of KY, or the State of KY write legislation, or state and edict, then it will be as justified as AZ is in growing and selling marijuana should that become their law if voted in. The SCOTUS and the feds are quickly becoming irrelevant. Once an authoritative body deviates from the Constitution, then it has no legal right to enforce their edicts. And the SC has veered far from it.

  • Voices like Dominic’s are necessary. They harden hearts against Christianity and set them (or keep them) on the path to atheism. Dominic is doing important work, although not in the way he imagines.

  • Dominic

    And the Gay lobby hasn’t spent millions to propagandize their dubious “cause”? It is a sham that the public has fallen for. Gay marriage remains an Imitation of the real thing.

  • Dominic

    Yes, dmj, don’t advise until asked. This is the fourth running article on the clerk and I have defended her and religious liberty until my fingers ache. Obnoxious? Okay, whatever….you can be Joan of Arc for awhile.

  • Be Brave

    The intense non-stop hatred displayed by you Larry is something close to entertaining to watch. You anti-Christ’s puff up that you are so superior to Christians, but you are just standard school yard bullies that have never grown to distaste your rotted heart.

    As the world rejects God more and more, people of your kind just keep getting more and more fetid. But unfortunately, psychologist and the new licentious society they have built give you an excuse for that behavior “cuz they can make a good living making minds like yours so mean.

  • Be Brave


    This government employee is in the perfect position to actually do as Jesus taught. Two things, render to Caesar his gay paperwork. There is no supporting abomination in that. And of course, shaking the dust from her shoes as they walk away

    By the way, she is certainly someone that needs to repent 7 x 70 herself or she is riding the same sin train as the hom_sexuals that engage in pseudo marriages.

    Let the dead “marry” the dead.

  • larry

    You are not defending her liberties. You are asking for a privilege to be excused from responsibility, civility, morality and legal obligations because you think God says so. Religious belief merely being a vehicle to act badly to others. Not a defense of belief but a defense of malice.

    You have made it clear you don’t value religious freedom and you think Christians should be laws unto themselves. So your talk of “religious liberty” is a flat out lie.

  • Which part of “no religious test shall ever be required,” Art. 6., Sec. 3., Founding Fathers, and “make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” First Amendment, First Congress, in the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution, is unclear? In the USA religion is not to be and cannot be established as law! HELLO? The Constitution says it, I believe it, and that settles it! How much more plainly and clearly can the supreme law of the land say what it means? In terms of the law of the land, religion is merely a voluntary belief which has no standing in American law. As James Madison, Father of the Constitution wrote, “Strongly guarded as is the separation between Religion and Government in the Constitution of the United States, the danger of encroachment by Ecclesiastical Bodies may be illustrated by precedents already furnished in their short history,” William and Mary Quarterly 3:555, c. 1817. The Religion Right is Wrong!