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  • George Nixon Shuler

    No offense, but while many lower middles class Hispanics, Asians, and Pacific Islanders are attracted to the LDS as a means for self-advancement just as many whites are, it may be that in the U.S. one of the major selling points is the whiteness of the bulk of the Saints living in the Heartland, so, supporting immigration reform even as their co-idealogues in groups like the Tea Party and such loudly express their xenophobia, for many Saints to come to this inclusive position may indeed be a bridge too far.

  • Kaye shackelford

    When there are familial relationships with those who are not legally admitted to The United States of America, yes, we respect that family according to the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. However, that should not cancel or nullify or disregard the law of illegal immigration. These individuals should be given a time period, to pay the fees, file for citizenship. LEARN HOW TO SPEAK THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, and prove that they can afford to live in the United States, understand and uphold the law here and show good faith that they can contribute to the good of The United States of America, like the others who have complied by the law to become citizens to come and live here. To ‘shame’ the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by emphasizing a belief in that faith, to the disregard of law is not reasonable or fair. Avoiding legal citizenship endangers The United States of America.

  • MrNirom

    Why would families be separated if the illegal immigrants were sent back to the country they came from? If families are that important to these people.. then why would the children not go back with the parents? Are they anchored to the land that the parents can’t take them back home?

    Why can people break the law.. and then get special treatment? Why do people look at people breaking the law and think.. hey.. its ok?

    I guess everyone is going to heaven then regardless of what laws or commandments we break. I guess God is just not as caring as those who want to keep illegal’s in country.

  • Bob Meyers

    Since in the U.S we have ignored this issue for 30 to 50 years there are too many very mixed situations to be fair with hardly any cases of families being deported no matter what means we try to fix it. Many families have legal born children that are US citizens as well as children that were very young when they crossed the border. These children have been raised up in an English speaking environment in U.S. schools and are as much adapted to being U.S. citizens as anyone else born and raised here. Many do not even speak Spanish but only English and have been fully taught in English U.S. schools. It would be like taking your children that don’t speak Spanish and sending them down to Mexico to live in a foreign environment. We need to have a comprehensive immigration policy set up as soon as possible and seek fair compromise to even begin to solve this problem we have ignored and caused to develop.