Ky. clerk Kim Davis thanks supporters on release from jail

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Rowan County, Ky., Clerk Kim Davis argues with David Moore and David Ermold, after they were denied a marriage license at the Rowan County Courthouse in Morehead on September 1, 2015. Photo courtesy of USA Today, via The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal, photo by Tim Webb

Rowan County, Ky., Clerk Kim Davis argues with David Moore and David Ermold, after they were denied a marriage license at the Rowan County Courthouse in Morehead on September 1, 2015. Photo courtesy of USA Today, via The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal, photo by Tim Webb

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GRAYSON, Ky. — With Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" playing in the background, Davis was flanked by Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and about 1,000 supporters outside the Carter County (Ky.) Detention Center.

  • Larry

    Any bets for how long will it take for her to violate the conditions of release?

    I am thinking less than a week. Thanks to generous wingnut welfare she never has to take responsibility for her actions in a significant way. The taxpayers get stuck with the bill.

  • “Provided she does not interfere…..”

    What a public nuisance.
    People have the right to religion – I defend that right.

    But religion is no different from the right to believe in Leprechauns, to drink booze, to smoke cigarettes or to say hateful things.
    Having a religion it is nothing to be proud of.

    Religions are like those things; A public nuisance the rest of us must endure, like public drunkenness – until more people come to their senses and realize it isn’t healthy.

    Religion is based on nothing but obedience to primitive hatreds and bigotries in return for an eternal life with the inventor of those bigotries.

  • Larry

    Remind me to exercise my religious freedom as expounded by Kim Davis by sacrificing HT and her family to my deity, the great old one Cthulhu for their vile heretical existence.

    After all if religious freedom means the right to harm others in the name of your faith, why not?

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    Ms. Davis was released because of the wellspring of support for her AND BECAUSE HER CIVIL RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED BY BUNNING! He should be removed from the bench and fined for not upholding the First Amendment of the Constitution!

  • Blaise Sonnier

    Sorry sister, her civil rights were not violated. She was jailed for violating her oath of office to issue licenses as required by law.

  • Donald

    Interestingly, it is Kim Davis that was following the law of her state. The Judicial branch cannot create laws and there is no law concerning same-sex marriage. The laws of her state define marriage as between a man and a woman. She was in contempt of court (as am I) but there is not a single law she has broken.

    Also, there is no reason for her to interfere. She does not have to sign the licenses, and they are not legal anyway without her signature.

  • Richard Rush

    Sister, based simply on your two-sentence comment, you are obviously allergic to reality, and addicted to imaginary facts.

  • Donald

    She was jailed for contempt of court. She was upholding her oath which is, in part, ” I will faithfully execute, to the best of my ability…according to law…so help me God.”

    She is upholding her oath to the best of her ability and according to the law of her state, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The judicial branch cannot make law, so there is no law that she has broken. She refused to comply with a court order which makes here in contempt of court.

  • Larry

    Donald, you are using plumb ignorant arguments. Which ever theocratic wingnut gave you that one was full of crap. (Such a fact free argument been repeated often enough that it is unlikely to be original thought here)

    The judicial branch has had the power to strike down laws that are unconstitutional since 1801. It has the power to apply it towards state laws concerning civil liberties under the 14th Amendment and has done so for over a century.

    The state had created a law to BAN marriage equality, thus inviting the judicial system to rule on whether it was worth keeping. Since the anti-gay crowd could not cough up anything remotely reasonable which was secular and rational as a justification for doing so, they lost. Had they done nothing and simply relied on voter apathy to keep out marriage equality, we would not have the current situation. Bigots accelerated its legal acceptance. Go figure.

    You are in contempt of facts.

  • Larry

    No, she was released under a condition that she cease her discriminatory actions. She won’t because her lawyers have a vested interest in making sure she stays in the news.

    Your disdain for rule of law, democratic principles and religious freedom is duly noted. Your religion is not an excuse to discriminate in public office. Your support of such activity shows how much you value sectarian political power over moral, legal and rational concerns.

  • Larry

    No she isn’t. You are full of crap. See my prior comment. The Judicial branch makes law all the time. It is the nature of the common law legal system we inherited from the British. Especially when you have the highest court of the land with the power of judicial review.

    Whomever you picked up that argument from was just plain ignorant.

  • Donald,

    “….so help me God.”

    That is the problem with putting God into the public arena.
    No government official should be asked to mention God especially when they make an oath to uphold the law.

    Religion is such a nuisance. Why can’t people just keep Jesus in church and wherever else it won’t do so much damage?

  • Larry

    But not you.

    When they finally incarcerate you it will be for the child p0rn on your computer and the serial molestation of children you are engaging in.

    Turn yourself in while you can still make some kind of deal with the prosecutors. Quickly!

  • Ray

    Sad thing is that the law as it stands DOD allow the change to marriage law and that’s a problem. How do you reign in the wayward horses on the SC? By changing the personnel on the court.

  • Ray

    Sorry “DID not allow the change”

  • Ray

    Sorry “DID allow” Gosh!

  • Greg1

    Donald, due to Traditional America standing up for Kim, and making their voices loud and clear, did this Leftist judge release her from jail. And don’t believe what Larry and the others are saying here; what is at play is a showdown between First Amendments rights that have been in place since time immemorial, and newly crafted so-called 14th Amendment rights that have recently been expanded to include something that has never in the history of America, been even considered to be a right, in any sense of the text. The judge realized that he was standing on legal island with his position, which stripped Kim of her First Amendment rights. We all know what happened here, and it is not over yet. The Left will continue to distort and twist the 14th Amendment until it begs for mercy.

  • George

    Greg1, your attempts to present this obvious lawbreaking as the result of a leftist plot is too much on the conspiracy theory side for this conservative.

    Look, Davis clearly broke the law and has had to face the consequences. It’s pretty simple, stu​pid.

  • George

    Only until appeal…and it gets booted up the chain.

  • Ian Copland

    Once had great respect for the USA. I don’t pretend to understand the details of your laws. I understood from history that much of North America was founded by religious minorities escaping persecution in Europe. Now the persecutors seem to have taken over the US. As an Aussie I simply don’t get you all anymore! Cheers, Dr. Ian

  • @Ian,

    “Now the persecutors seem to have taken over the US. As an Aussie I simply don’t get you all anymore!”

    Yes. It is a tricky moment in America.
    We’ve had 40 years of Republican Religio-fascist nonsense. They’ve increased funding for religious education (indoctrination) and shut down science in several states.

    There is plenty of reason to be concerned the children of Tennessee, Alabama Texas and Kentucky are being hopelessly denied real science education as they are soaked in Creationist Superstition and hogwash.

    If Atheism doesn’t increase quickly in the Bible belt, America will surrender to religion and all its uncivilized depredations.

    This is why Atheists need to speak up.
    WE DON’T BELIEVE THIS STUFF and we all need to keep repeating this every day.

  • Doc Anthony

    Hey Larry, you already know the truth, so get used to it.

    Kim Davis WON. She took a brave Christian stand against the Gay Gestapo Evil, and went to jail for it. She emerges from that jail as a genuine Christian leader who dared to stand up against the messed-up Supreme Court itself. She has made a visible difference in the ongoing war.

    Kim Davis is coDol, and you can’t stop her.

  • Doc Anthony

    Shoot. Typo error while trying to edit. Should have read, “Kim Davis is WAY cool.”

    By the way, Davis is not the only one choosing to fight back. County Judge Vance Day of Marion County, Oregon, is also refusing to sign off on gay marriage. You gay activists and your libbie proxies think you’ve won this war, but you ain’t won yet !!!!

  • Greg1

    George, then the federal marshals need to arrest the City Council of San Francisco for not enforcing federal immigration laws for illegal felons who commit murder, and robbery.

  • Larry

    After all who needs to place a check on the legislative process to ensure laws passed do not violate the constitution?

    People who do not want to see the democratic process abused and civil liberties trampled by the “tyranny of the majority” that James Madison so railed against. I can see how some people have a problem with that. Not me, but some others who want to enact discriminatory legislation.

  • Greg you don’t have a clue what 1st Amendment freedoms actually are. The 14th Amendment has been around since 1868 and applied to civil liberties since the early 1900’s. I guess if you are ignorant, its new to you. 🙂

    You can’t give me a single valid reason to justify a gay marriage ban which is both secular and rational (all laws have to be both). This is why you moan about the process of judicial review. Rather than show you have an argument of substance and merit, attack the process instead. YOU HAVE NOTHING to support your views.

    The judge showed a level of good will and magnanimity which was misplaced. Kim Davis and her supporters are self-absorbed cretins who simply want to abuse authority when available. Releasing her was obviously a mistake because the first thing her mentally challenged lawyer declared was she had no intention on following this new court order either. What a waste of time.

  • Larry

    You realize she is going back to jail, right?

    Her lawyer already stated that she has no intention on abiding by the court order (how many times do we need to hear that phrase) for her conditional release. Its just a matter of time before its back to the pokey.

    You have a rather ridiculous view as to what is brave or even what is Christian. Acting like a horse’s posterior and discriminating against the public is not an act of moral fiber, but one of malice. It doesn’t take a brave person to attack others and abuse public power, just a mean spirited one. It certainly is not brave to follow along with poor legal advice in order to become famous. If discrimination is a valued feature of Christianity, then the faith is worthless and unworthy of respect.

    Thank you for demonstrating that Christians like yourself have no clue what morality is. Religion is just an excuse to act like a dbag in public for you and cretins like Davis.

  • Depends, if the offices still issue marriage licenses without those clerks, then there is no basis for the suit. Of course if it is a Rowan County situation where there are no other clerks, then of course it will be appealed.

  • Matthew The Tax Collector

    No one is stopping Kim Davis from practicing her religious beliefs. Instead the Judge was stopping a government official and County Clerk, from using the power of her office to impose her religious beliefs on the rest of us.

    Had Kim Davis been a Jew or Muslim following Talmudic or Sharia Laws, almost no one would have supported her – and rightly so.

    Practice your religion Kim Davis, but do no use the power of public office to coerce others to obey your religious laws.

    As Lloyd Bentsen might have said, Kim Davis, you are no Martin Luther King.

  • Matthew The Tax Collector

    Federal law trumps State Law. The State law was struck down by the (Federal) US Supreme Court. Kim Davis was tried in Federal court, not State Court. She broke Federal law, the guarantees of the US Constitutions no less.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    So much wrong there. This is a great exhibit of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s first stage of grief, denial.

  • dmj76

    Dear Max

    “Religion is based on nothing but obedience to primitive hatreds and bigotries in return for an eternal life with the inventor of those bigotries”

    What meditation practices have you considered? Is your rejection of them from personal experience? Do you disagree that they can change brain functions for the better?

    best wishes

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Uh, hey, just a thought, but did you ever hear of Jim Bunning, a former major league baseball great and U.S. Senator from Kentucky? And this judge, same last name? I’m thinking, must be….his son? or possibly his nephew? Anyhow, even if he was Judge Joe Doakes whose father was a miner and whose mom was a housewife, he did what judges do, which is give people jail time for contempt. Just because this ditz is a holy roller doesn’t give her any special privileges. Sure, her religious right handlers can file a complaint to the ethics board or whatever it’s called but it’s not going to get anywhere.

    Naw, actually, he nipped the silly protests in the bud by giving her a weekend in stir and then setting her free. which means she better not do it again, or….well, you know. Ask Brent Kimberlin. You don’t mess with no Senator’s son. Facts of Life, Sister.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    My impression is you have got to be a liberal pretending to be a right-winger, making up stuff they think a right-winger might say. Because if anybody really believed anything so silly, well, bless their heart.

  • Max Fenster

    Roaming gangs of hairdressers are attacking poorly dressed women on the streets and forcibly re-fashioning them. It’s horrible.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Hey, Doc, Alexis de Tocqueville, a slumming nobleman observing the U.S. in the 1830s, observed “Religious insanity is very common in the United States.” He wasn’t wrong.

  • The Great God Pan

    Is it just me or does she look like a hoarder from one of those reality shows? I feel like her house is probably full of dirty dishes and stacks of old newspapers.

  • dmj76,

    I teach meditation methods.
    Religion is not meditation, it is a set of claims.

    Churches are nice places to meditate – it is a shame they are full of religious nonsense.

  • Greg1

    Larry the 14 Amendment was crafted and passed to afford freed slaves the same rights of other American citizens. In 1868 gay behavior was a felony in nearly every state. That was the backdrop to this Amendment, and it had nothing to do with its current interpretation. So to use this Amendment to afford gays the right of marriage is novel, and a far reach. This decision is one of judicial activism, and needs to be upended.

  • Greg1

    Let’s see, in 1986, the Supreme Court upheld sodomy law in Bowers v. Hardwick. Since then we see the Supreme Court slowly changing the intent of the 14th Amendment away from affording slaves their human rights, to something it was never established to do. And if at the time of the 14th Amendment Sodomy laws were a felony, and continued to be a felony long afterwards, how much more ridiculous would those who had crafted the 14th, would find them using it to permit gay marriage. They are literally rolling over in their graves.


    when Kim Davis took her oath gay marriage wasnt a law yet so she wasnt consenting to give out gay marriage licenses, only heterosexual ones. She cant be blamed for being held responsible to uphold a law that didnt yet exist.

  • @Greg,

    Exactly how much sodomy are you interested in? I’ve never tried it, but it sounds like you can’t get your mind off it.

    Have talked to someone about your sexual repression? Jesus isn’t going to help you with it – by now you should know that.

  • Garson Abuita

    The “leftist judge” was nominated by fellow leftist George W. Bush. Further indications of his radical upbringing are the fact that he is the son of former Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky (also a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies).
    If you haven’t gotten my sarcasm yet, just look up Jim Bunning’s Senate record. Let’s just say he’ll be better remembered as a ballplayer.

  • The Great God Pan

    “With Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ playing in the background…”

    Survivor did not authorize her usage of the song and is not happy about it. They have issued a cease and desist letter. I guess copyright law is also a “crime against God” according to Ms. Davis and her fans.

    Why can’t these Christians behave themselves and stop violating people’s rights?