• Greg1

    Sigh, yawn.

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  • I’m so thrilled to hear more Pastors will be on TV talking about their beliefs.
    You are right. It is very bad for Christianity. The more we know about religion and the people who run these institutions the worse religion looks.

    Next let’s see an Imam do a reality show. And pipe it into the middle east. Who knows, if religion dies out peace might actually have a chance!

  • Be Brave


    The only things dying quietly are all of the secularists,godless committing suicide at alarming rates.

    Yes, yes, let’s put all those whack jobs on TV so we can see what the irreligious actually represent.

    Condoms, STD’s, depression and a pill overdose.

    Yup, the doctrine and dogma of the godless.

    We actually get to see that on TV during many News casts.

    Kanye and Kim are far more like godless secularists than anything resembling a Christian in the New Testament.

  • Kanye and Kim? A response unencumbered by any apparent thought process.

  • I actually support Rich Wilkerson Jr. I have had the opportunity to hear him live and loved the way he brought the Word of God. Very great Communicator, biblically sound and Funny. I am Excited for his show !

  • “biblically sound”

    Now I’m interested.

    “‘If a..daughter…disgraces her father; she must be burned in the fire.” – GOD (Leviticus 21:9)
    “Every single one of God’s Laws must be followed” – JESUS (Matthew 5:18)

    I had no idea you could do this on TV and get away with it.

  • Juan

    You know the author is totally ignorant of the facts when she writes “has made a career of pastoring some of the biggest celebrities in America.” ….yes…. because Kanye and Justin made him a pastor… and nobody was attending The Rendezvous before he married Kanye.

    Ignorance at its worst!!

  • Jesus is referring to the 10 commandments. You may recall when asked about the mosaic law regarding divorce, he did not endorse it, nor in the sermon on the mount, did he endorse an eye for an eye, but love your neighbor and pray for those who persecute you. There are many more examples of this if you want to find them. The “laws” that must be followed are apparently not all of the laws laid down in Leviticus , but those in the Ten Commandments.
    You are not so uneducated to not have read this part of what Jesus said, so you are then either blind out of being anti-theist, or purposefully ignorant or purposefully deceitful.
    You rant the same old lines every time I see a comment from you, but you keep reading articles on religious news sites.

  • @G Jenkins,

    “The “laws” that must be followed are…not all of the laws laid down in Leviticus , but those in the Ten Commandments.”

    Jesus mentioned Leviticus must be followed very specifically:

    “Thou knowest the commandments…Defraud not…” – JESUS (Mk 10:19)

    There is no Commandment against “defrauding”.
    “Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbor,” – YAHWEH (Lev. 19:13)

    Jesus either does not know his commandments or he is including all of Leviticus among the commandments. And IT MATTERS A LOT:
    “Kill homosexuals” – (Leviticus 20:13)

    Perhaps the reason there are so few people in heaven is because there are so few psychopaths willing to follow Jesus’ true commands.
    Perhaps you should read things more carefully.

    “Execute them in front of me” – JESUS (Luke 19:27)



    “Thou knowest the commandments… ” – JESUS (Mk 10:19)

    Clearly Jesus is calling attention to God’s “perfect law” as it was being practiced at the time: Stoning, enslavement of foreigners, burning of daughters….etc.
    Otherwise Jesus would not say, “Thou knowest”. There is no evidence Jesus is referring to the decalogue which would not come into fashion until centuries later.

    “Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law!” – JESUS (John 7:19)

    Clearly Jesus was talking to Atheists who knew he was being ridiculous.

  • Tim

    We are definitely called to “go into the world” and be part of people’s lives–like Jesus was–but I do wonder sometimes if, with all the blending and conforming to the culture, whether we actually have anything different to offer those who are not followers of Christ. It is confusing to see professing Christians in worship settings for instance (like Justin B., etc.), but then see them go out and represent the culture (note all the references to “the world” in the New Testament). No, we are not to be Amish, but there was an understanding in earlier Christianity about being “separate” from the world (“in” but not “of”). I guess that understanding has been replaced in a contemporary culture that is focused on good looks (which the Wilkersons have, like Hollywood stars), money, and influence. Just wondering if all this Hollywood/Wall St. (plus Jesus) is a good thing?

  • Fallon

    Atheist Max… Ill just call ou Max. Youre the one who seems to be taking scripture out of context. Its a good try too… Quoting just the little portion and not mentioning that it was apart of a parable. But what’s to be more important… God will not be lax to execute judgement on those who contunue in sin and reject His son whom He sent to pay their debt with his life. How fearful that is to count the sacrifice of God as nothing. I pray that you cease your attempt to devalue God and His Son because it is a wasted mission that many others have tried but ALL have failed. And ALL have faced GOD after this failure. I pray that you seek Him while He can be found because He will hid His face from men and there will be no more chance at repentance or salvation. But thats if God lets you. Doesnt it seem crazy that you cant dictate that relationship, and yet He still allows you breath to curse, blaspheme, and criticize Him? My God is way better than me. Anywho…repent and believe. Bye.

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