• Pope Francis still harbors the criminal Cardinal Bernie Law, the kingpin of the Boston Pedophile Priest Network who resides in a cushy suite of fancy rooms at the Vatican away from international justice.

    Religion (a bundle of lies) coddles these men and grants them an immunity they have absolutely no right to. Justice is impossible wherever an imaginary god can be employed as your savior.

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  • Bernardo

    Again, too little, too late, the scandals have exposed the weak underbelly of Catholicism and Christianity with their absurd resurrection and “miracle” myths.

  • Greg1

    Actually, the Church is the ONLY institution that is doing ANYTHING about this issue. Yes, our Lord exposed them, and that was a good thing, but now it is time for the Public School System to stop shuffling teachers around with the same problem. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • larry

    If by “anything” you mean hiding assets from civil suits, confounding criminal investigations and despoiling of evidence, then yes the Catholic Church is doing something.

    Unlike public schools, when a priest engaged in bad behavior, they were well protected and hidden from prosecution. So no its not the same thing. But why should you be honest? It never suits your position anyway.

  • Reality Check

    Complete rubbish! The church (Protestant and Catholic) is miles behind most other institutions in dealing correctly with paedophiles.
    There is much to cover up and at very high levels and turkeys don’t vote for Thanksgiving! So only when forced to will the church give up it’s paedophiles and then will obstruct justice at every turn.

  • Ben in Oakland

    From the writings of St. Peter Damien, you can tell that they have been “doing something about it” for the past 1000 years.

  • Greg,

    “..time for the Public School System to stop shuffling teachers…”

    What dark biological crevice did you pull that from?

    How can you compare anything else
    to the vile Cardinal Bernard Law, kingpin of the Boston pedophile priest network – who knew about 20,000 cases of CHILD RAPE over 30 years and instead of reporting the 20,000 crimes to the police —- HE blessed the RAPISTS and hid them from the public ! ?

    That vile person has been given a PRIVATE ROOM NEXT TO POPE FRANCIS in the Vatican!
    What is wrong with you ?

  • Greg1

    Yes, Reality, you are correct: Protestant churches are doing nothing about their problem. In fact their pastors are waiting in the shadows for the axe to come down upon them. But the Catholic Church IS the ONLY institution doing anything about it. I know, as I am Catholic, and keep up with this stuff. For example, any seminarian, who has EVER had male to male sex, is expunged from the program. Only men with same sex attraction who have NEVER knuckled under to the problem, are allowed to continue. Background checks are now done even at the parish CCD level. Documents need to be signed before anybody is left alone with a child. No, it is completely reformed. Of course there will continue to be a slow process exposing all these men who have done horrible things to young boys, until all have died off, but it it moving in the right direction at great speed. Regarding the Public Schools, well there is such a HUGE problem in them right now, and the Teacher’s Unions fight it at every turn.

  • Dominic

    As horrible as the sex scandal is in the Catholic Church, it is more highly reported on because it IS the Catholic Church. Few, if any, institutions have a higher moral code to live up to than this Church. The problem exists everywhere, most often in families themselves. I’m not excusing the actions of the priests involved, but the hierarchy IS taking all the steps it can to correct this nightmare. Other institutions should beware of the spotlight on them when the press becomes bored with the Catholics.

  • “Few, if any, institutions have a higher moral code to live up to than this Church”

    Oh, please. Snap out of it!

    The Bible is a fantasy book of conquest – not a book of love or morality.
    A fable about gods; Yahweh, Jesus, contingents of saints and angels eventually overthrow a bunch of evil underlords over the course of thousands of years!

    “Execute my enemies in front of me” – JESUS (Luke 19:27)
    “I shall kill her children with death” – JESUS (Revelation)

    Conquest! Not love!
    The Catholic Church has shoved this obviously man made, FLAWED, primitive, fictional, fable onto the world as if it were real – and the consequences have been 1700 years of horror: The Crusades, Franco, the Inquisition, Rwandan genocide – countless faith-based fiascos.

    More recently – The Church FORBADE condoms be given to African AIDS patients based on these imaginary ravings. 25 MILLION PEOPLE DIED in the 1990s.

  • Larry

    ” But the Catholic Church IS the ONLY institution doing anything about it.”

    Not counting law enforcement, various governments and organizations working on behalf of victims. Way to weaselword and avoid an honest representation of the facts. “Institution” you mean church? Well none of them are doing an adequate job there.

    As with the Boy Scouts, ridding an organization of gays has zero effect on sexual abuse incidents. If anything, it enables sexual predators by directing those in charge to focus efforts on those who are not engaging in it. Homosexuals by definition are people attracted to adult sexual characteristics of the same gender. Pedophiles go after any gender provided they are young.

    So when have you been sexually attracted to prepubescent girls?

  • Larry

    A “moral code” is not moral behavior. Especially one built on arbitrary, irrational and inherently harmful ideas.

    That “moral code” permitted church leaders to consider it their duty to cover up and obstruct investigations of thousands of cases of abuse. It permitted them the “clarity of moral judgment” to hide the perpetrators from the reach of prosecution. What a load of garbage!

    You have demonstrated on numerous occasions, there is nothing actually moral about following the “rules” set down in your faith.

  • Greg1

    Atheist, open the blinds, pull back the curtains, and let reality shine in. There is a whole world out there that you need to discover. You have shut yourself up in a fantasy land. But believe it or not, if you open the door, and step outside, you might be surprised at how the storm clouds of filth and corruption have invaded our world. I’d ask you to do an honest search of the Public School System USA, and see how defiled it has become, with corrupt and pedophillic teachers. Shake it up, man, and get crackin’ …

  • Greg,

    “There is a whole world out there that you need to discover. You have shut yourself up in a fantasy land.”

    You are talking about yourself!

    My Atheist position:
    Gods may exist as one possible answer about reality but there is no way to determine how many Gods exist or which Gods are the true ones. So I listen to all the evidence regarding all the gods.

    What else might answer the questions about reality?

    Several gods. (Hindu)
    No gods. (Buddhism)
    One god. (Allah)
    22,000 gods. (Vishnu)
    400 gods (Greek)
    3 gods (Christianity)

    Me: “LET’S FIND OUT!”
    You: “I’m DONE!”

    Which of us is the closed mind?

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  • Normally I find you mildly entertaining when you’re foaming at the mouth over the(to you) non-existent of Almighty God,and sometimes you’re even right(vis-a-vis Bernard Law). But when you don’t know what your talking about in your attempts to undermine the Christian Faith,you’re not so funny,Atheist Max.Assuming that you have more than a passing knowledge of Authentic Christianity,you ought to know better than to charaterize the Biblical concept of the Triune God as”three gods”.That’s NOT a Scriptural concept,and is demonstraby false.If you’re going to speak ill of Almighty God,have the decency to get Him right.

  • @Ringo,

    “you ought to know better than to charaterize the Biblical concept of the Triune God as”three gods”.”

    I was NOT referring to the trinity. I obviously know your religion much better than most Christians.

    I am referring to Elohim, Yahweh and Ashura
    as in “Let us make man in OUR image”(Gen. 1:23)
    Entire tracts of the Bible are dedicated to these gods.

    And while you are ignoring your gods, Christianity has 2 and a half other Gods in its wacky parallel universe:

    God (comprising Yahweh/Elohim/Ashura)
    Holy Spirit (Demigod)

    So it can be seen as either A Trinity (even though Satan is said to be a ‘god of the world’ lol! ), or 3 Gods, or 5 and half Gods: Jesus, Holy Spirit (whatever that is) and Yahweh

    No matter HOW you add them up, you have more than one God to contend with!
    Don’t worry. It is probably all imaginary.

  • @Ringo,

    And here is my entertainment for the evening:

    Q: “What do Priests and Christmas Trees have in common?”
    A: Their balls are only for decoration.

  • Dominic

    There is absolutely no moral code whatsoever in the life of an atheist….except the ever changing one it creates for themselves. Ridicule and misstate the moral laws of the Church all you want, at least they exist and people generally abide by them.
    Sinners exist everywhere, but their immorality does not ever change the law to “support” their sin.

  • @Dominic,

    “There is…no moral code..of an atheist”

    The National Academy of Sciences is 95% Atheist.
    Why are its 3000 Atheist Scientists among the most law-abiding, peaceful, productive and fair-minded people on earth?

    2.5 Million people are in American Prisons alone – and they are all Christians. The number of Atheists in prison is practically zero.

    Christians believe their wrongs will be forgiven – so they act immorally.
    Atheists don’t think they will be forgiven – so they usually behave.