Anglican Church to discuss looser global ties due to internal splits

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Archbishop Justin Welby with Archbishop Eliud Wabukala during Welby's recent visit to Nairobi. RNS photo by Fredrick Nzwili

Archbishop Justin Welby with Archbishop Eliud Wabukala during Welby's recent visit to Nairobi. RNS photo by Fredrick Nzwili

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LONDON (Reuters) Justin Welby will propose to the 38 national church heads that communion be reorganized as a group of churches all formally linked to Canterbury but no longer necessarily to each other.

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  • Angela Gilden

    I am thankful that our rich and beautiful Anglican/Episcopalian traditions are affirmed by this choice to grow in love and inclusion rather than continue struggling with those who insist on bigotry and smallminded interpretations of Christianity. We will grow, on the right side of history, in our mission to “love God, love our neighbor, and change the world!”

  • Anthony Powell

    It is sad to see the Anglican Communion weakened by the continuing struggle between Biblical morality and social justice, between ancient tradition and the empowerment of women. What is the Gospel? Is it not that Jesus Christ died to set humankind free? Are we not all sinners washed by his blood, covered in the robe of his righteousness?
    I understand the deep struggle in Africa and Asia between Christians and Muslims and the need for a mutual integrity in the dialogue between the two. Perhaps that is a deal breaker. However, I still see no mention of these issues in the foundational documents of our faith – the Nicene Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Two Great Commandments, the Great Commission, or even the Thirty-nine Articles (though I haven’t read those lately.)
    The struggle continues, but it is not forever. The Holy Spirit is alive and working in the world and the Church. Please pray that we will have the patience and wisdom and perseverance to preserve the Anglican Communion.

  • ben in oakland

    You won’t see antigay ideology, whether disguised as sincere religious belief or admitted for what it so clearly is, being displayed as a foundational doctrine in Christianity, until recently.

    but according to so many people, always conservative, why, that is exactly at the foundation of Christian faith, at least of the True Christian (TM) variety.

    funny how it works.

  • Tom Downs

    “In a more decentralized Anglican church, different congregations around the world would be able to hold different views without any common Anglican doctrine.”
    It NEVER was centralized. We talk of bonds of affection that link us but have no constitution or central government exercising control over the various national churches. Each province is independent.
    We have a common history in that most of our countries were once part of the British Empire. As the Empire spread, the Church of England considered us mission fields. In most cases when we were strong enough to survive on our own, they cut us loose. Since that time each province has evolved to suit its own situation. Our way of being Church is similar as you would expect with siblings, but no single government.
    What structures there are that link us (such as the Consultative Council, the Primates Meetings, and the Lambeth Conference) are designed to be platforms for discussion and have no power to enforce anything on…

  • Tom Downs

    Careful BB. “The African Churches are staying true to the Gospel and the American and European Churches are becoming apostate.” It’s not unheard of in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya for bishops to say they have only one wife, when in fact they keep three. The First Wife, the head of the household is the only one that has standing. In their culturally shaped mind they are being perfectly honest. It’s a culturally acceptable practice, even historically normative, and the churches there wink at it. Perhaps you are referring to the Gospel of Hate the Gays.

  • Bernardo

    As noted previously: It “ain’t” going to change anything as the Anglican Communion is forever flawed as per the butcher Henry VIII being its basic founder.

  • dmj76

    Best wishes to the Anglicans.

    Before I became a nothing I was for many years an Episcopalian, and I remember them with respect and affection.

  • Too bad we cannot read the Bible without our preconceived ideas. I remember reading; “And the many men AND WOMEN who followed Jesus.
    He turned no one away, he judged very few, and usually they were the ones
    who denied others what they believed they were entitled to. Remember the

    Sermon illustration: “Who’s really qualified?” I do, “Simon Peter unstable”
    and so on? And poor Mary Magdalene, Pope Gregory The “Great” had to
    make her a “lady of the night” in order to justify exclusion of women, and
    so on and so on.
    As to the “Anglican communion” or for that matter any other “Communion”
    of churches, Protestant or Anglican or Roman Catholic I leave it to God to
    teach them the reality of His universal love and acceptance of all.
    It’s the “curse” of all churches to believe that they are “correct” and every
    else “incorrect.” Deep down we “all” really do.

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