• Alison

    Nicely put.

  • Be Brave

    Sanders will have little affect on one close minded group, his own supporters. Although I would vote for Bernie Sanders over Scott Walker in an instant, “for good reason” unfortunately those on the political Left do not have the moral compass to be able to think in any other way but their scorched earth fanaticism.

    I applaud both Mr. Sanders and the typical fair, welcoming and accommodating Christians of Liberty U. You will never see The Left doing likewise. Never. Civility and courtesy to others no longer has any connection to The Leftist voter. I’m happy that Mr. Sanders rises above that fray.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    That’s quite the load you’ve carried in there. While your comments about Sanders are appropriate, Your broad brush paint toward “leftists’ – a term you purpousefully leave undefined – is, however, one steaming pile of shibboleths repeated with zero evidence. As to the definition, by any reasonable one, the United States’ amount of “leftists” could fit in a corner booth at McDonald’s. Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, which puts him right in the Mainstream. The Socialist Workers’ Party and the Revolutionary Communist Party are the same as religious cults with a political bent; they worship Marxist tracts like the Religious Right worships Leviticus. Susie Bright’s memoir, “Big Sex, Little Death,” describes her years as a runaway teenager in the RCP and it’s not unlike Jaci Dugard’s memoir of her imprisonment by a kidnapper. Liberty is of course an enterprise founded by a segregationist grifter passed on nepotistically to his sons. (contd)

  • George Nixon Shuler

    As to those you refer to as “leftists” I think you are confusing people most commonly called an orifice with those with an ideology. Every group in colleges includes some, whether smarmy fratboys like the previous President or hirsute slackers. You mean those that shout down Ann Coulter? That’s performance art, Baby. If the idiots didn’t do it for free, Coulter’s people would pay some of ’em to do it.