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  • Rosa Maria Marie Montenegro

    I would like to add Leonardo Boff’s excellent comparison of Pope Francis with Francis of Assisi, Francis of Rome and Francis of Assissi.

  • Sister Geraldine Marie, OP, RN, PHN

    Thanks, David, and RNS for describing these books about Papa Francis. Now I’ll know which to buy!

  • Bernardo

    But the book that should be written but probably will not be is “Francis and His Lack of Comments on the Historical Jesus, Original Sin and the Rest of Christianity’s Myths and Embellishments” .

  • Jack

    (1) Das Kapital
    (2) Communist Manifesto
    (3) Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger — written by an evangelical named Ron Sider who was similarly clueless about issues of wealth and poverty
    (4) Any liberation theology book
    (5) Back issues of The Nation

    Just kidding on the first two, but this pope, compared to Benedict or John Paul II, isn’t too sharp.

  • Marie

    you left out the best of the best of them all: El Jesuita by Sergio Rubin & Francesca Ambrogetti.

    (Personally, I can’t stand Paul Valley’s writings — not least because his whole narrative is based on the false premise that Bergoglio was a hardcore traditionalist who opposed Vatican II and all that it stood for, and who only had a change of heart during his “exile” in Cordoba.)

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