5 questions Iowa Faith & Freedom forum will answer

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Photo courtesy Brett Davis/Flickr.

Photo courtesy Brett Davis/Flickr.

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DES MOINES, Iowa —The candidates must establish their conservative credentials by voicing opposition to legal abortion, give a “full-throated” endorsement of one-man, one-woman marriage and condemn the U.S Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.

  • Larry

    One of the most pointless, yet lucrative from a fundraising point if view platforms is the continued opposition to marriage equality.

    An amendment to ban gay marriage won’t happen. The majority of Americans supported gay marriage before the court decision.

    Support for legalized discrimination in protest of it isn’t flying. Kim Davis and people trying to revive Jim Crow for the 21st century are creating support AGAINST this crowd. Nobody is really buying that this is a religious freedom issue as the theocrats claim. The mini RFRA laws have been considered toxic by even many Republican governors.

    But Christian conservatives will still use this issue as a way to raise money from bigoted rubes, knowing no promise on the subject can ever be kept.

  • Bernardo

    And again the abortion issue/horror raises to the top five and again will ensure the defeat of these pro-life candidates because of the large number of voters, who have had abortions (including the male counterparts) (60-83 million and counting).

  • Eric

    “There are those who are — how can I say it? — Christian in name more than they are truly solid church-going, Bible-studying strong evangelical types,” Tvedt said. “I think Donald Trump has been to church, but I’m not sure he has real deep convictions like a lot of evangelical Christians would have.”

    Oh, he has many of the same “real deep convictions” that a lot of evangelical Christians have. None of them have squat to do with *being* a Christians, but since when have conservative evangelicals actually cared about being Christian?

  • They need to do what is right and not be concerned about polls or current events. That will serve them well. Strong moral leadership would be welcomed by many after the immoral dictates we have had. What matters more than politics is spirituality. This life will soon pass away and eternity will follow. Jesus Christ has made the way for us to have eternal life with God. Receive Him as Savior and Lord, turn away from sin and rebellion and follow Him. God Bless

  • I preach Jesus, not green. If green is your message, that’s between you and the Lord.