Who are the Jesuits? To understand Pope Francis, you need to know St. Ignatius

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Camillo Rusconi (1658–1728) - Statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola at St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican (1733).

Photo courtesy of Alma Pater, via Wikimedia Commons

Camillo Rusconi (1658–1728) - Statue of St. Ignatius of Loyola at St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican (1733).

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(RNS) Behind the Jesuit label lies a brand of spirituality that includes a passion for justice, a missionary zeal, a focus on engaging the wider world and a preference for collaboration.

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  • Bernardo

    Who are the Jesuits? A group of MEN who consider themselves a cut above in the area of intelligence when in reality they simply reiterate the same flawed dogma but in three or more syllable words.

  • Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Serving faith through promotion of justice is a noble calling.

  • Bernardo

    Dr. Coelho,

    What faith might that be? Yours or the faith of Muslims, Hindus, atheists or whatever turns your fancy?

  • Ted

    The Jesuits are men willing to use their God-given intelligence, rather than pass off ignorance as religious belief.

    Want to see the anti-Christ? Follow the willful anti-scientific ignorance and bigotry in the church, and you will soon look Satan in the face.


    sounds like youre describing a leftist

  • Bernardo


    You noted: “The Jesuits are MEN”. Enough said about the religion they support that makes women second class humans. And intelligence? More like arrogance!!!

    And Satan? In the 21st century, the demon of the demented.

  • Betty Clermont

    The pope DOES NOT act like St. Francis. The saint founded an order of paupers which is probably the last thing anyone would call the pope’s Vatican, bishops and superiors of religious orders. Nor does he act like a Jesuit. Anyone who knows the history of liberation theology and the Jesuits in Latin American knows that Pope John Paul II would never have appointed and elevated to cardinal a “social justice” Jesuit.

  • Rev. Dr. Norman Martin

    Thank you David Gibson for the article. I have been following articles about Pope Francis since he was elected Pope. Not being a Catholic, I have sought to learn more about him and the church.

  • bill wilson

    It is wonderful and heavenly to see this Pope at this time. As a big fan of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin it seems clear we need to stand with most religions and indigenous people to help bring heaven to earth or the idea that we have haven above and Chardin’s heaven here. The And is something so many negate with ecocide and genocide and it makes saving souls and our children’s future increasingly tenuous. If there is an order above it would be to start making heaven here in preparation for the Kindgom coming.

  • samuel johnston

    The Jesuits, for all their intellegence and accomplishment, are still soldiers. This means that they implement goals and policy, rather than originate it. They cannot question the Jesus myth, or examine the wisdom of promilgating it. What a waste of intellect and ability.

  • Fran

    And the meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5; Psalm 37:10,11). Those from earth who inherit God’s kingdom, a little flock as Jesus called them, will come and rule with Jesus from heaven over those meek on earth (Isaiah 11:1-9), providing them great blessings.

    It will then be “heaven on earth,” and God’s will shall be done, as in heaven, also upon the earth (Matthew 6:10).

  • Fran

    In this 21st century, Satan is definitely the God of this world, no doubt about that!

  • Bernardo


    As noted previously, Satan is simply the demon of the demented. There is no hell nor heaven so do not be concerned and enjoy today and tomorrow as it is the age of reality.

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