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  • Betty Clermont

    Thanks so much for this article. Yes, the alliance between the Establishment GOP and the Church still holds together.

  • Larry

    20 years, you would be talking about JPII at his frailest condition through Pope Hitler Youth who was not big on travel. Bad timing for Boehmer.

  • “Boehner said….he believes it will “help awaken the Congress and awaken the American people … to our higher callings.”

    Every Pope is a primitive symbol of human fear and self loathing.

    Meanwhile THIS WORLD DESPERATELY needs:
    Contraception – The Pope is against it.
    Women’s equal rights – The Pope is against it.
    Freedom of speech – The Pope is against it.
    Justice – The Pope is against it.
    Transparent government – The Pope is against it.
    Freedom to question Religious claims (Jihad, Papal infallibility) – The Pope is against it.
    Rooting out pedophile priests – The Pope is against it.

    To give lip service to “compassion” while disparaging these things and many others – is a disgrace to all of us. Religion should be gently discouraged for the primitive nuisance it is.

  • George Nxon Shuler

    I’m curious why you say “the Establishment GOP”. What do you mean? That Boehner et al have promised the far right extremists they’d end legal abortion, etc., but never had any intention of letting that happen? As if the far right extremists didn’t already know?

    And then there’s “the Church:” seems like that’s how Catholics define themselves as if Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, and Protestant don’t exist. Is that it?

    Seems to me, explained that way, it’s true; which makes Boehner so much more of a man of integrity than those far right nuts in his caucus calling for his scalp.

    Either way, Catholics voting for Republicans are like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.

  • MrsCatNap

    To be fair, George; many, many religions and churches refer to themselves as “The Church” not just Roman Catholics.