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  • Bernardo

    Have to have some way to keep Spanish-speaking peoples in the pews and Serra, sins and all, apparently will do. And by the way, those native Americans were not saints as they made war on each other, had slaves, kidnapped women and children and scalped their enemies long before the white man arrived..

  • Kester

    This bit is false: “[Bartholome de las Casas] despite his support for African slavery in the New World”.

    It is true that he failed to see the evil of African slavery in the Old World, and perhaps also in the New World, for most of his life, however, his reasons were:

    African slaves were bought for enough money that the slavers considered them worth taking care of at least as well as cattle, so they were not starved and forced to work to death in the knowledge that they could be replaced infinitely and at no cost other than the enslavement operations, as the native S American slaves were.

    He eventually realised he had been wrong and confessed his previous wrong belief and speech condoning African slavery in his final confession on his deathbed, as the greatest regret of his whole life.

    Therefore it is an unfair simplification to say that he ‘supported’ African slavery.

    Source: http://ia600401.us.archive

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