• Garson Abuita

    Yogi also reminded us of the prejudice that was levelled toward ethnic “white” minorities like Italians and Jews in the first parts of the 20th century. Conan O’Brien played a clip last night from a Yogi appearance on Late Night in 1998 in which he talked about a baseball hero of Conan. Let’s just say this hero probably was the best player in history without a World Series ring and his memory is “frozen” in Red Sox Nation forever.. According to Yogi, he tried to trash-talk this individual one time at the plate, and he responded, “Shut up, you little dago.”

  • Jack

    Ted Williams?

    That’s no surprise, because he didn’t seem to like anybody, if the stories about him are true.

  • Jack

    If you look at demographic trends, it looks like the future of Jewry will be (1) some form of significantly greater religious observance and (2) increasingly in Israel.

    For the past few years, the majority of Jewish babies born in America had Orthodox parents. Given that American Jewry is probably more secularized than any Jewish community in history, this is remarkable. I suspect the same thing is happening in Israel.

    As for Israel, if trends continue, there will come a time within the next few decades where for the first time since before the Babylonian exile 25 centuries ago, most Jews in the world will live in the land of their forefathers.