Kim Davis, Kentucky clerk in gay marriage dispute, switches to Republican Party

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Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Ky., clerk, spent five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses. Photo by Carter County Detention Center.

Photo from Carter County Detention Center, Ky.

Kim Davis, the Rowan County, Ky., clerk, spent five days in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses. Photo by Carter County Detention Center.

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(Reuters) "We came to the conclusion that the Democratic Party left us a long time ago, so why were we hanging on?" she said.

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  • bqrq

    “…..Davis has asked Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, a Democrat, state lawmakers and Bunning to accommodate her beliefs. She has also appealed Bunning’s orders to the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals…..”

    Congratulations Kim, we love you (just say no to evil).

  • Bob

    There was a time, several decades ago, when the Republican party was something to be proud of. Now, it is just dominated by deluded religious folk, and that is a sad situation. Davis is part of their ilk, nothing more.

    Idi​ot lo​wlife joining her own kind. End of story.

  • Bob

    False, Jack. You have no understanding or knowledge of my political position and you are a li​ar.

    The Republican party should never be proud of lia​rs such as yourself. You are a very sick and deceitful person.

    Please retract your gutless li​e, c​oward

  • Jack

    Tell us when you were a Republican and on what issues you favored Republicans when you were a Republican.

  • Jack

    This should be quite interesting….if you’re lying, you’re about to dig an even deeper hole for yourself.

  • larry

    Clairvoyant Jack can tell how people voted for years. For your next trick, I am thinking of a number from one to ten. Guess what it is.

    The GOP was going downhill from GW Bush onward. The moment the powerbrokers thought it was a good idea to give McCain a running mate to appeal to the ignorati, theocrats and paranoids, it was a precipitous drop.

    Whereas the longtime fiscal conservative was generally mean spirited, selfish and beholden to the fantastically wealthy, they at least projected intelligence. The theocratic minded social conservatives were always useful for getting the votes, but far too embarrassing to parade in public on a national level.

    Now the inmates are running the asylum. Fiscal conservatives are being derided as RINO’s or more offensively (with clear racist overtones) “cuckservatives”.

    Kim Davis is a self-absorbed, hypocritical, dishonest, ignorant cretin with no regard for anyone but herself. She is the epitome of the current GOP.

  • larry

    Jack many people who liked the GOP in the past, can’t stand their descent into dominionist theocratic nonsense. Even Boehmer couldn’t stand them anymore. 🙂

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Obviously she will be more at home in a party whose entire platform is the denial of reality. This poor excuse for a public servant fits in with such exact nicety in the Republican edifice that it appears she was always there anyhow. She was an embarrassment to the Democrats and still is to Kentucky. Good riddance.

  • Jack

    Larry, I agree that both parties have changed, especially regarding the culture wars, but it’s obvious from Bob’s posts that his beef with Republicans goes far beyond cultural issues. Even on the “God” issue, fanatical, “in-your-face” atheism was never a characteristic of Republicans (or until recently, Democrats).

    Bob being a Republican was no more likely in the days of Calvin Coolidge, who would have likened him to a screaming mimi, than it is today.

    And I doubt that Bob agrees with the perennial GOP message of the past century — that ours is a constitutional republic which limits the size and scope of government.

  • Jack

    To speak of the Democrats as respectable, given their history of being the party of hell-raising divisiveness– from regional and racial to cultural and economic — is really a hoot. With the exception of the mid-20th century — Truman and JFK, Humphrey and Jackson, civil rights and economic growth — it has been America’s crazy party.

    It’s like trying to dress up a wild boar in a tuxedo. Hilarious.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    We’re not talking about the 19th Century. We know the white racists of the South left the Democrats and became Republicans precisely because of its appeal to racism. The morality of the Democrats of today supersedes that of the Republicans by all reasonable measures.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Actually, in every race for President from 1968 onward, the Democratic nominee was more religious than the Republican:

    1968: Humphrey – churchgoing Episcopal; Nixon-non-practicing Quaker
    1972: McGovern-Methodist minister’s son; Nixon: same as above
    1976: Carter-Baptist Sunday School teacher: Ford: nominal Episcopal
    1980: Cater: same as above; Reagan-nominal Presbyterian
    1984: Mondale: Lutheran pastor’s son; Reagan: same as above
    1988: Dukakis: active Greek Orthodox; Bush I: nominal Episcopal
    1992: Clinton: Baptist, married to active Methodist; Bush I: same as above
    1996: Clinton: same as above; Dole: nominal Methodist
    2000: Gore: Baptist; Bush II – nominal Episcopal married to a Methodist
    2004: Kerry: faithful Catholic; Bush II: same as above
    2008: Obama: United Church of Christ; McCain: nominal Episcopal
    2012: Obama: same as above; Romney: Mormon who ignored his church’s teachings about establishing a beloved community in…

  • Larry W. Jones

    I’m always glad to see Kimmee’s booking photo. It’s the best portrait she’s ever taken–and the most appropriate.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    “Kim Davis is a self-absorbed, hypocritical, dishonest, ignorant cretin with no regard for anyone but herself.”

    Self-abosrbed, of course, but the rest? I think it’s true the grifter Mat Staver manipulated her, but she had to know there was money to be made. Ignorant – certainly her position on gay marriage is ignorant, but she knew there was opportunity for her in taking it. She made the decision to join a band of grifters – an informed decision that rubes were available to have the wool pulled over their eyes.

  • Bob

    I’m old enough to have been on Eisenhower’s team as a young man in the late 50’s, and helped him launch NASA, then spent time at DARPA. Left before the rise of Nixon.

    So there, Jack. Eat your words.

  • Jack

    In that case, Bob, Ike would be ashamed of you for devolving into a screaming mimi in your old age. There is not a thing about you that resembles anything Republican, past as well as present. From Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt, from Coolidge to Ike to Reagan, not a single one of these people would see your current beliefs or behavior as being even remotely Republican.

  • Jack

    George, we are talking about nearly the entire history of the Democratic party, with the notable and welcome exception of the mid-20th-century, when it became eminently sane for a while.

    Both before and after that golden age, it’s been the party of division and discord, civil war and revolution, racism and racial obsessions, and dividing Americans by region and class, race and ethnicity, religion and economic status.

    It is now what it once was — America’s crazy party.

  • Jack

    Well, it’s a first for you lefties — it makes you sudden fans of law and order.

  • Jack

    The “morality of the Democrats today” is business as usual…..dividing American against American in order to gain and maintain political power over all Americans. It’s the party that depends on targeting groups of people — favored groups for whipping into a frenzy of populist ignorance or fanaticism, and hated groups for being the targets of such mad-dog hate.

  • Jack

    It’s not about who’s more religious — it’s about a particular type of fanatical, screaming, in-your-face atheism that has had no history of any kind in the Republican party, or for that matter in the Democratic party until recently.

    Can anyone imagine the Bob of today interacting with any Republican figure of the past 175 years? I don’t think so. The only way it’s possible is if the Bob of today has changed dramatically from the Bob of decades ago.

  • George Nixon Shuler

    Let’s see:

    Democrats: acknowledge long term same sex relationships
    Republicans: Troll the backwoods for yahoos like Kim Davis to fool the rubes
    Democrats: acknowledge medical care is betwen a woman and her medical provider
    Republicans: seek to insert the government into that relationship
    Democrats: make peace with Iran
    Republicans: demand war with Iran; or, for that matter, Cuba
    Democrats: acknowledge it’s not a good idea that every nutjob have a gun
    Republicans: assert the right of every nutjob to have a gun
    Democrats: acknowledge the boss isn’t always right
    Republicans: try to give the boss more power than he already has

    Yep, there’s a crazy party, all right, but it ain’t the Democrats

  • George Nixon Shuler

    False – I’ve been advocating for the prosecution for treason, conviction, and execution of the disgraced ex-marine lite colonel oliver north since at least 1984.

  • Bob

    Jack, stop making up falsehoods and try to cease the personal attacks. They don’t serve to make your case, if it could even be called that. Belief in fantasies such as your crazy Christian ones should be kept out of politics entirely.

  • Bob

    Nonsense, Jack. You are just willfully feeding fires. Both Democrats and Republicans can be accused of questionable tactics, but you are further out on a limb unnecessarily promoting and exacerbating fanaticism and hate, based on a religion that is a backbone to both.

  • Larry

    So in what way is marriage equality an unjust law? It certainly doesn’t look that way from a rational and secular standpoint necessary under our laws.

    If you are going to play the “conscience” card, you have to demonstrate why the law is somehow wrong. “God says so”, doesn’t justify actions in of itself, ever. It certainly doesn’t make a given law just or unjust. Religious freedom means nobody ever has to be compelled care what you think God has to say on a given subject.

    It is silly talking about law and order who is ignorant of the laws they are trying to uphold or defy. It is only hypocrisy if you can’t relate the actions to a given context. Something Davis’s apologists avoid like the plague.

    There is nothing valid in Kim Davis’s frivolous legal practice nor the notion that her religious belief entitles her to attack the rights of those in her county. As for the silly analogies her supporters use, I can tell you exactly what about those laws are not treated…

  • It is best to vote your conscience rather than follow a political party down the line. I have had peace in doing that. The politics will pass away, and what will remain is the spiritual aspect of our decisions. Its good to look beyond this life to eternity. We will all stand before the Lord one day. Are you ready for that day? We all need an advocate in heaven just as we need an advocate on earth when we stand before a judge. How much more when we stand before the Judge of all the universe? Jesus Christ is our Advocate. He is the mediator between God and man. If we trust Him as Savior and Lord, and are willing to turn away from sin and rebellion, then or sins will be forgiven, and Jesus will defend us before the Father on that day. Receive Him as Savior and know that you will not stand alone on that day. God Bless

  • Joe1938

    Re “Kim Davis switching parties to become Republican”; Best regards and welcome home Kim!

  • Joe1938

    Another leftwingnut proves that the following can not be posted too many times…
    From an expert; Liberals are clinically mad, concludes top psychiatrist Dr. Lyle
    Rossiter. Doctor Rossiter makes case that leftist ideology is a mental disorder.