• Jason

    Pretty sure your image credit on Bizarro is incorrect. That’s an image from DC Comics, drawn by well-known comics artist Ed McGuinness. And the website listed is a parked site. Artists ought to be properly credited for their work.

  • Larry


    The article traces the history of the claim, so common on the right in this country, that Hitler instituted gun control. It just isn’t true, but it’s been repeated so often in the wingnut-o-sphere that it is now taken as gospel truth.

    aPierre’s book simultaneously made the shift from tendentious historical factoid (Germany had strict gun control laws) to completely bogus causal argument (Hitler was able to achieve the Holocaust because the population was disarmed) …

    The argument doesn’t pass cursory scrutiny — Hitler conquered Europe with sophisticated combined arms operations that were able to defeat large, properly trained and equipped armies, and a few more small arms in the hands of a few more Jewish civilians clearly wouldn’t have made a difference.

  • The Great God Pan

    “Who will criticize the dumbing down of our culture? Religious leaders, that’s who.”

    This piece was humming right along, and then…

  • Jack

    Comparing the Rev. Wright to Ben Carson in terms of harmful effects is like comparing Hurricane Sandy to an afternoon drizzle.

    Rabbi, you can do better than that. Ben Carson’s biggest sin is he’s a gaffe machine. Rev. Wright’s greatest sin is he’s a roaring, race-baiting, anti-Semitic demagogue who builds his career on whipping people up into foaming-at-the-mouth anger and murderous hatred toward others. He’s an African American version of a crazed medieval monk leading torch-wielding illiterate peasants to destroy Jews and other successful people.