Immigrant singer/songwriter finds faith and identity

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ENUMCLAW, Wash. — Redemption Press announces an inspirational new title: From the Land of the Rising Sun: A Journey to Acceptance, Identity & Belonging (10/2015). This heartfelt memoir of award-winning Japanese-American singer/songwriter Junko Nishiguchi Cheng, tells the story of an overachieving girl, who as an immigrant from Japan, struggles to fit in, and find her identity.

Carrying the residual fear of a wrathful “god” of storms of Japanese folklore, Cheng was introduced to Jesus in junior high, but only came to experience the acceptance and love of a God of grace as a college student. Her newfound faith “unwound the tape in my head that had constantly played the ‘you’re-not-good-enough message’” and changed her life.

Junko Cheng began her singing career as a college student on Japanese TV while studying in Tokyo. After her album No Secrets came out in 1992, she was disappointed when a Nashville music contract didn’t pan out, before discovering “God had a custom-tailored plan for my music and my life.” When Junko Cheng opened her heart to expressing her Japanese heritage in her singing and songwriting, opportunities arose to touch the lives of thousands of audiences, both nationally and internationally. Recognized as one of Hawaii’s top artists, she has opened for Michael W. Smith, Avalon, and speakers Rick Warren, John Townsend, and Tony Campolo. Cheng, who is a worship leader at Saddleback Church in Irvine, CA has been featured on Focus on the Family Radio, Worship Leader magazine, and has been the subject of a cover article on Today’s Christian Woman magazine.

At once a faith story, this is also the inspirational account of a type-A girl, who having embraced her heritage, and after dedicating her music career to God, found her unique niche as an independent artist with a fulfilling and balanced career.



Athena Dean Holtz, Publisher - Redemption Press

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