• Ben in oakland

    Remind me not to vote for an idiot that says the things he said.

    I guess I won’t be voting republican any time soon.

  • alison

    I won’t vote for her because she’s shrill. I won’t vote for any man who is shrill. We have to listen to these people every day for at least the next four years. Save yourself!

  • Pr Chris

    Hey, T.I. You understand that women are impulsive? And you don’t want the leader of the world to be someone who is impulsive. You might be careful about making your decisions on the basis of stereotyping. It is also said of women that they are more inclined to network with others and not just make decisions to go to war. So you might want to think over which stereotype you are going to use: Women are impulsive, or Women tend to network and not just go to war…I dunno, but I kind of like the idea that women in positions of authority seek to find consensus and not just seek the war option.

    (PS: As a 20 year military retiree, I can tell you that many of my military colleagues would much rather have a leader who seeks consensus rather than sends people to war.)

    You might want to rethink this, T.I.

    Pr Chris