• M McL

    the intellectual outlines of the eugenics Hitler adopted in 1924 were made in America. http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Eugenics-and-the-Nazis-the-California-2549771.php

  • The Great God Pan

    I believe that one of Eichmann’s underlings claimed during the Nuremberg trials that Husseini had played a central role in encouraging the Holocaust. It may be incorrect, but Netanyahu didn’t invent the assertion out of whole cloth as is being suggested.

    This quibbling over the idea of who should get credit for coming up with the idea first is quite conveniently serving to distract from Netanyahu’s central point: that a Palestinian leader was collaborating with the Nazis and fantasizing about eradicating the Jewish people years prior to the “occupation” and the settlements that contemporary Free Palestiners point to as the driving force behind the conflict.

  • Jack

    The one time that The Great God Pan talks like a mentsch is in defense of Israel.

    Now if only he can keep his mind free and clear of kooky ideology on other issues…..he’d be a superstar.

    Maybe the fact that most of his ideological comrades on the left really hate Israel and want her dead will make him sit up and think someday….and wonder how he ended up with such strange bedfellows.

    Anyway, good post. To be fair, Bibi was wrong to attribute to the Grand Mufti the idea for the Holocaust; however, he was not wrong to highlight the Grand Mufti’s collaborations with Hitler and his sickeningly enthusiastic support for the Holocaust from his home-away-from-home in Berlin during WW II.

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