The signs of the times renew interest in the Feasts of Israel

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ENUMCLAW, Wash. — As the last of a tetrad of four blood moons coinciding with Jewish feast days occurs this past September, a renewed focus on Israel in prophecy is taking place. While some Christian ministries warn of impending world-changing events and signs of the end times, one man points us back to God’s story of redemption.

Paul A. Lindberg in his recently released The Feasts of Israel: God’s Plan of the Ages (Redemption Press) sees the children of Israel as the very heart of God’s perfect plan to redeem all mankind. He calls the seven feasts of Israel “God’s little picture book,” with each feast telling an essential part of the redemption story. Lindberg says, “Israel’s feasts become our invitation into the presence of God, just as much now as when they were given to Israel.”

The retired Boeing engineer turned author says the New Testament cannot be correctly understood without a proper understanding of the children of Israel, the giving of the law at Mt. Sinai, and the feasts that God gave the Israelites to teach them about himself and his plan for the ages. In this expansive first of five volumes he describes as an adult Bible study, Lindberg fits in the history of the world into the chronology of Scripture.

Lindberg says, “In restoring Himself to His rightful place as our Father, He is teaching His sons about our family, our culture, and our heritage as true children of Abraham; adopted perhaps, but true nonetheless.”



Athena Dean Holtz, Publisher - Redemption Press

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