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  • Yo Dawg

    I believe you forgot to mention people who talk in long, run-on sentences. They’re the worst!

  • Jack

    The only people who listen to “evangelical leaders” are…..evangelical leaders.

    Evangelicals vote their own way.

    It looks like the theocons have joined the neocons in supporting Rubio, and that’s okay, but that’s just a fancy way of saying that establishment Republicans are starting to switch from Bush to Rubio.

  • Rubio has no reasonable expectation of being president.

    The man couldn’t even perform the bare minimum expected of him in his current elected position. He doesn’t deserve a promotion. Btw he was useless in Congress long before he started his presidential run. So its no excuse.

    He leads in absenteeism in Congress. Yet he has the chutzpah to complain about government not functioning and politicians not doing their job. Maybe if he bothered to do his, we could take his criticism of others seriously.

    Typical libertarian, small government, con artist. A well paid “welfare queen”.

  • Jack

    That’s a fairly lame attack on Rubio, Larry.

    You might as well hit him with a goose feather.

    Now tell us the real reason you’re against Rubio — you’re a left-wing ideologue and he isn’t.

  • Larry

    Any person willing to vote for him now should take note of such things. The man doesn’t do the job he was elected for. Anyone who voted him in to Congress should be re-examining their past choices.

    People complaining about others not doing their job should reflect on their own performance first. Rubio is a useless senator, why should he be president?

    You are not denying that he has been actively neglecting his work. You are just making a personal attack in response. Ad hominem Jack strikes again! Flinging poo instead of making a rational argument.

  • Gavin

    “theocons and neocons” -great terminology.

    They are all just cons, together or apart.