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  • Ayesha

    As my fellow RNS commenter and social justice ally George Nixon Shuler has written, “Despite their numerous shortcomings, the Saudis possess a sense of honor the religious right never has.”

    Raif Badawi committed a crime by punching down against the marginalized and othered faith of Islam, and now he is paying the consequences for that crime. Do the crime, do the time. That is the honorable way of the Saudis. He does not deserve an award, but leave it to the West to reward Islamophobia.

  • Larry

    Ayesha, I am pretty sure you are a Poe Troll. So I won’t bother dignifying your responses except to say you are grossly misquoting and mischaracterizing poster George Nixon Shuler. I feel compelled to speak up on his behalf.

    The Sakharov Prize is one of those awards whose recipients actively avoid the conditions which make one eligible for it. 🙂

    Take note American Christian Fundamentalists, this is what real religious persecution looks like.

  • RMW

    And I presume this is the model that atheists and secularists eventually want to take.

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  • Larry

    Are you saying that atheists and secularists should try to have people flogged or that they should submit to flogging? You are very unclear here.

    On an aside, when people attack secularism, what they are declaring is “I support sectarian discrimination by government as long as its in favor of my religion”. People who attack atheists are declaring that all people must believe as they do, otherwise they are somehow evil.

    Now you weren’t trying to do any of those, right? 🙂

  • RMW

    As opposed to having the government be secular like Pol Pot’s and Enver Hoxha’s?

  • Larry

    As opposed to having the government secular LIKE THE UNITED STATES.

    Secularism done right is the free exercise of religion and the separation of church and state. Ideas enshrined in our 1st Amendment. Something you have obvious contempt for.

    Secularism is not atheism. In fact it was conceived by religious folk who were tired of being the subject of official sectarian discrimination by those who entangled religion and state. Your ignorance on the subject is duly noted.

    You are so far removed from reality that you equate atheism with people who created religious-like personality cults. Akin to saying all religious believers are like Hitler and ISIS. Communist dictators are secular as theocratic ones, not at all. It is an often used argument which merely displays the dishonesty and ignorance of those using it.