• Debbo

    Your 4 bullet points at the end are right on. That is the Jewish/Christian ethic of wealth.

    There is a problem with much millionaire and billionaire giving that I find very troubling. I don’t believe donating to a hugely endowed university to put one’s name on a building is what Jesus or the rabbis had in mind. In fact, anonymous giving, “Don’t let the right hand know what the left hand is doing”, is probably best.

    At any rate, it is an excellent essay Rabbi Salkin. Thank you.

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  • Jerry N. Wesner

    I’d expect that one reason so many of the smartest Jews have no opinion on the religion of Judaism is that they have rejected the religious aspect of their heritage as primitive and overly punitive. When you look at the number of Jews in America it’s easy to forget that, to many if not most of them, they’re speaking of an ancient heritage in which they may take pride, but whose belief system is virtually meaningless to them.