Jesus-Centered Bible jumps to top seller status

New blue letter feature drives Bible popularity

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The Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) reports that the Jesus-Centered Bible is the top selling specialty Bible in North America according to sales data received from over 2000 Christian retailers.

Released by Group Publishing in September, the Jesus-Centered Bible offers a unique “blue letter” feature that references over 600 passages in the Old Testament that connect to passages relating to Jesus in the New Testament.

According to Barry Berglund, the manager of the Parable Christian Store in Omaha, Nebraska, “The response to this new Bible has been unprecedented. It’s been great to see our people walk customers over to this Bible to just see their reaction. Once people see it, they’re sold. But they don’t buy just one. They’re picking up three or four copies for their family and friends.”

When asked about the new blue letter feature offered in the Jesus-Centered Bible, Berglund said, “The blue letters have been so helpful to see how much of the Old Testament points forward to the New Testament. I don’t think people tend to think that way. Even if you’ve spent most of your life reading the Bible, the Jesus-Centered Bible helps readers experience Scripture in a fresh, new way.”

Berglund added, “I think the popularity of the Jesus-Centered Bible stems from its main focus and message being centered on what matters most…Jesus.”

In addition to sales success within Christian bookstores, the Jesus-Centered Bible has also held top selling positions on



Craig Cable

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