New segment added – Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – November 6, 2015

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A segment on Criminal Justice Reform in the Faith Community has been added to this week’s listings of Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, show #1910.  See below

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If the Oceans Were Ink – American journalist Carla Power spent a year studying the Quran as taught by the renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh Mohammad Akram Nadwi.  Her book on that experience, “If the Oceans Were Ink,” is a finalist for this year’s National Book Award.  Bob Abernethy interviews Power, who reports on her Sheikh’s beliefs about violence, the Muslim treatment of women and living a life totally centered on God.

America’s Religious Freedom Ambassador – The US Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom, Rabbi David Saperstein, is finishing his first year as the State Department’s point man on religious persecution and discrimination around the world. Saperstein is the first non-Christian in the position. Kim Lawton talked with him about the biggest challenges for international religious freedom and what he has learned in his new position.

Criminal Justice Reform in the Faith Community – As part of his criminal justice reform efforts, President Barack Obama is pushing federal agencies to “ban the box,” or abstain from asking prospective employees about their criminal histories on job applications. Bob Abernethy and Kim Lawton speak with Darren Ferguson, a former inmate and now pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Far Rockaway, New York, about his work in reforming America’s criminal justice system.



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