• R. Salkin, there are many thousands of people in the Holy Land who have been doing exactly this for some years. The organization that I work with, the Interfaith Encounter Association, sponsors more than 60 monthly groups that study religion together, and we have over 4000 regular participants. Joint study is our main tool for conflict resolution – we believe that if religion is part of the problem, it must and can also be part of the solution. And it works! I’d encourage your readers to take a look at our web site and see the video there about our work, which is also non-political, and thereby able to include people from almost all parts of each society. Thanks for writing this!

  • Hyman

    Dear Rabbi Salkin,

    Western Civilization is going through some great turbulence. The migrant crisis in Europe and immigration challenges in the United States have inspired an anti-refugee video that highlights thnegative aspects of the this whole historical event — the film is called, “With Open Gates”. I hope you could write something about it, because the video has gone viral on youtube with more than 3 million views. Twitter is on fire over the mini 19 minute “documentary”, which is really just a collection of footage stitched together.


    Could you please give us your thoughts about this conflict?

  • Garson Abuita

    “With Open Gates” is the Planned Parenthood video of the Syrian refugee crisis. As Snopes.com has detailed, it is selectively and deceptively edited to make the situation seem as bad as possible. Don’t ask a rabbi to get involved with this nonsense.