• Bernardo

    “What should we do about the Syrian refugees?” Send the Sunnis to Saudi Arabia and the Shiites to Iran. Both have sufficient funds for housing and educating their sisters and brothers with the added benefit that said refugees can walk to their new homes. And if there are any Jewish refugees from Syria, I am sure Israel can do likewise.

  • For this article, particularly the part about the soul, and these awful historical reminders, thank you.

  • Shirley Wurbs

    I think that sometimes we make our decisions based on fear and lies that we have been told. Thank you for reminding us about the past mistakes we have made. I pray as a nation that we will not repeat these same mistakes. Thank you for your convictions and being brave enough to say them during this time that we are living in.

  • Hyman

    Why do Jews who live outside of Israel, always want us to take in refugees, but Jews who live in Israel do not want to take in refugees. We Jews are hypocrits when it comes to refugees, immigration reform and migrants. Israel has an atrocious record when it comes to african Jews wanting to come to Israel. We actually sterilized them temporarily with birthcontrol shots. We should not now or ever under any circumstances be for refugees, immigration reform and migrants because many of them carry anti-Semitic belief systems. Many of them see the Holocaust as being deserved by Jews. Many of them see Jews as colonial oppressors (Israel). Many Hispanics think the genocidal maniac Christopher Columbus was a Jew. Many non-Jews see Israel as an Apartheid State. Many of the people supporting the BDS movement are people whose national origin is from non-White countries. Please stop reducing everything to WW2. Please stop reducing everything to the Holocaust.