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  • Jack

    “We have let Satan dethrone Jesus Christ,”

    For a supposedly sovereign deity, Christians sure do think it’s easy to overpower the Son O’ God.

  • Alan

    The annual war against people celebrating what they want begins thanks to Christian fundies. They hate freedom.

  • Don Van

    The title of this article should read; The Alleged War on Christmas. Whether you think there is a war all depends on which side you stand. As a non-theist I feel overwhelmed ever year at this time with Christmas decorations, trees, music on the radio, specials on TV and the obligatory get together s with family, all of which are only “cultural Christians” who have not been inside a church in years. So as wars go, I am overwhelmingly outnumbered. You have the Christian soldiers who continue the battle with their presumptuous greeting “Merry Christmas”. My reply, simply thank you. I am outnumbered.

  • I love Christmas.
    I also love Saturdays.
    Saturday is named for the god Saturn. But I don’t care about that.
    Christmas is named for the god Christ. But I don’t care about that either.

    Pass the figgy pudding, the hot cocoa and light the fire. We are kicking back by my pagan tree bedecked with silver and gold and we shall have a merry time!
    Just don’t mention Jesus. I can’t care.

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  • Larry

    Only Christians can come up with the silly notion that choosing not to engage in obnoxious sectarian behavior in public settings is somehow an attack on them.

    If Christians can’t accept the notion that this nation is filled with people who do not share their beliefs, nor have to, they are welcomed to leave it.

  • Richard Rush

    TrueChristians don’t seem to be happy unless they are engaged in a war, and so, right on schedule, the Merry Christmas tribe is once again attacking people who mistakenly believe they have the freedom to say Happy Holidays.

    It’s time to end this war with a compromise, such as “Happy C-word.”

    The benefit of a compromise for TrueChristians is that they will be able to concentrate even more of their time and resources on re-energizing their war against gay people in the wake of losing the battle against marriage.

  • Garson Abuita

    What’s wrong with good sex as a Hanukkah gift?

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  • larry, the atheist one

    Maybe it’s because if the obnoxious privilege Christians take with public resources. As if the public sphere only belongs to them.

    God may not exist but people who act like raging dillholes in his name certainly do. 🙂

  • “Why go banzai over what doesn’t exist?”

    As long as people are deciding an imaginary god wants them to kill actual people Actual people need to point out that the gods are imaginary!

    When Christians and Muslims stop going banzai over their God’s imaginary instructions as they intrude on my life – I will stop going banzai!

    Religion is an anti-social, primitive blunder.

  • Jess

    Christians are too when they complain about their perceived war on christmas

  • Fran

    How is that possible (in answer to the title of this article), since Santa does not even exist, but Jesus does?

  • Cyn

    “an omnipotent “god” would have known that Jesus wouldn’t really stay dead. That is no sacrifice at all.” I’ve been saying this all my life, Bob. But my all-time favorite is from George Carlin.

    There is an invisible man in the sky
    He sees and knows everything
    He has 10 rules you must follow
    If you don’t follow those rules you will burn in hell for eternity
    But he loves you

  • Fran

    I will continue to be free of false religion which teaches hellfire forever, the trinity doctrine, and that all good people go to heaven (when the meek shall inherit the earth), just to name a few. It is because of “false religion” that many people have a “bad taste” about God today, and they don’t think that God cares about us humans, which is totally false.

  • Be Brave

    Totalitarianism and hatred of religion.

    Like smoking and cancer.

    How the hateful always use the same tactics throughout the ages.

    That the baby Jesus must be so attacked over and over again is quite the statement about the content of character of the haters.

  • A. T. Heist

    Santa, being a combination of one religious (St Nick) figure and 2 pagan ones (Kris Kringle and Longbaror aka Odin), would probably argue that Christians hijacked and stole the holiday of “Saturnalia”, or the Yule (the Wild Hunt between December and January), and that all this overhyped, overly-sensitive religious fervor over the perceived “attack” on Christmas is propaganda and very “un-Christian” of you. Didn’t Jesus say to turn the other cheek? I’m pretty sure he did. If anything, the attack on Christmas is on the secular side of it by the Christian right, which likes to pretend Christmas has nothing to do with the winter solstice celebrations and paganism when in fact almost all the traditions of Christmas, down to the date, are actually pagan in origin. But who cares what I say, you will either ignore me or condemn me out of hate/spite and not actually look at history or facts.

  • Jim

    I am an atheist who thinks that belief in any god is a superstition. But I recognize that in America we live in a predominantly theistic and Christian society. I don’t mind when someone wishes me a merry Christmas. I wish them the same. There are more than 2,000 religions in the world and more than 360 versions of Christianity, each claiming to know the one truth. They can’t all be right. It doesn’t affect me what they believe. A “war” on Christianity, or on any faith, is when their adherents are beheaded, not when many disagree with them.

  • DougSlug

    “It’s time to end this war with a compromise, such as “Happy C-word.”

    Nah, then we’d have to deal with the backlash from the Women’s Rights organizations.

    (reminds me of the airport pager/Moe’s Tavern prank call for “Harry Seaward”.)

  • Fran

    Totally agree with you, A.T. Heist! That is why I, as a Christian, refuse to celebrate that pagan holiday!

  • Fran

    God will never burn anyone in a place of fiery torment forever. That is a teaching of false religion. He is a God of love and justice. However, wicked ones and terrorists will soon face death in the grave, not aware of anything, just as all humans have been doing since the days of our first parents and their death (Eccl. 9:5,6,10; Isaiah 11:4; Psalm 37:10,11).

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  • Bob

    As a young man, I asked many of the same questions you have. I still don’t know the answers. Instead, I’ve realized there are things that, as human beings, we can never know and never understand. I try to follow “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” but also understand how difficult it is to live up to that seemingly simple code of conduct. While I wish I could feel the assured faith that many Christians I’ve encountered seem to, I’m probably a ‘better to believe and be wrong than to not believe and be wrong Christian. That said, I think you miss the point of the message of Christ’s life, death and resurrection – to let us know that this is not all and that, even if we are found wanting, through God’s grace, our spirit can survive and experience the life after. My hope is that that is true and that, as many of today’s scientists claim, all we know and don’t know didn’t just happen.

  • Bob


  • Noddy

    Actually, that line ““Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” that one of the Bob’s uses above is not from the bible. It’s actually from Aesop’s fables, which are actually far better moral guidance than the bible is.

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  • Julie

    The so-called “War on Christmas” is a seige mentality myth created by reactionaries. This tired canard comes up every year. And every year I continue to experience as much Merry Christmas and nativity scenes & Christian religious music as I have since childhood. (I’m 56 & Christian.) The only difference? Now a bunch of Scrooge-ish Christians have added self-righteous whining, lawn signs & letters to the editor (among other things) trying to scare decent people into worrying about Christmas “disappearing.” These scaremongers are the REAL Grinches. I especially pray that Christ’s love will drive out this fear and replace it with genuine ACTS of love toward those who differ from us in any way. THAT is what has the power to draw people to Christ.

  • Julie

    Ah. A Universalist in the mix. Welcome!

  • Garson Abuita

    Although variants of the ethic of reciprocity are found in many cultures, both pre-Christian and secular, I’ve never found it in Aesop’s Fables.

  • Doc Anthony

    I think you care a little bit about “the god Christ.” You never quote Saturn, but you often quote (or at least attempt to quote) Christ.

    Christ has a special way of sticking in the Atheist craw, I notice.

  • Steven McAbee

    It is found in Matt 7:12, so it is in the Bible

  • samuel johnston

    The Christians did/do not know when Jesus was born.
    As they built their churches on the sacred sites of previous religions they also reinterpreted traditional Soltice holidays (Christmas, Easter) declaring them Christian Holy Days. Nothing new in this empire building behavior, but that does not make it moral. Christianity attempts to displace personal honor and integrety with its propaganda. (Our Tradition) Nothing new here either, but it is disheartening when factual historical information is available free to all at the public libraries, yet ignored, even by college graduates.

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  • doc,

    When Saturnites start killing people to promote The Saturn Jihad or the Saturn End Times or the Saturn Creationism
    I’ll be glad to challenge the claims about God Saturn and might even advocate renaming Saturday into Humanday in defiance.

  • Todd

    Really? The fictional holiday of Festivus offends some people? Maybe they should bring this up when they air their greivances….