• alison

    I’ve read several similar articles in the past week. None of them give any specifics about what actions we can take other than that we MUST take action. Can you give me any suggestions?

  • Hyman

    Yawn, another article filled with heart-warming prattle and sophist platitudes.

    How drole that mass shootings turn into politicized opportunities for progressives, liberals and other labels under the left-paradigm unbrella to politicize every tragedy by attacking religion, prayer or 2nd amendment. Yet, we at the conservative right who embrace religion, prayer and the right to defend ourselves should take action, more than prayer, more than thumbing our holybooks or joining the discourse of about the incendiary topic of gun rights.

    How we should take action is to raise money for victim’s families, not just send them crayon cards. We also need to start having a mainstream discuss about Islamic extremism without fear of being called islamophobes or extremists. If there is one thing we can do is stop throwing around words like Antisemitism, bigotry, racism, prejudice and other pejoratives at people for wanting to have a Frank discussion that Tribalism is hard wired in all people.