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  • Tom Hayes

    Have these nay-sayers even taken a trip to Catholic Europe? Was there anything in the presentation that hasn’t been done (or at least something very similar) hundreds of times in murals, mosaics, sculptures within and outside sacred buildings? Do they know about the astronaut on the cathedral of Salamanca? Who can count the gargoyles and column capitals? Religious art has always been rooted in the joys, fears, experiences and excitement of the people. These poor folks need to get a grip.
    Tacky? De gustibus! But absolutely in the Catholic tradition.

  • Jim McCrea

    As soon as I saw the initial list of names doing all of the kvetching, I knew what to expect from the rest of the story.

    Anything the Vatican can do to annoy this bunch of grinches is doing something right!

  • G Key

    Re “The event was in fact inspired by Pope Francis’ June encyclical, ‘Laudato Si’,’ on the moral duty to protect the environment”:

    Has anyone else noticed a pattern in the quotes of those who disagree with the Pope’s event?

    “beyond ridiculous”, “irreverent”, “Why not rent out the Sistine chapel too”, “The Vatican profaned”, “sickening”, “embarrassing”, “Someone should be fired for this. Actually, several people”, “A Neo-Pagan obscenity for the Feast of the Immaculate!”, “tacky”

    All those judgments from priests and others who disagree — and not one of them packaged as plain old disagreement.

    Every self-exalted one of them attacks the Pope as if each “ruling” were factual, actual, an objective perspective, and one to which their subordinate, the Pope, must be held accountable; nothing so mundane as another viewpoint, no mere difference of opinion presented and owned as such by the opiner, no alternative position that is as debatable as the Pope’s…

  • G Key

    Just like Congress.

  • Amos

    I waiting to hear from our fundamentalist brethren that the Christmas Tree should be chopped down from St. Peter’s square because of its pagan origins.

  • Objecting to having a secular political program projected onto St. Peter’s is hardly the same as objecting to God’s Creation. For example, Fr. Zuhlsdorf is known for his series of posts about the “Christological goldfinch” in Christian art through the ages, for years of running a birdfeeder live feed when he lived at a place where that was possible, and for his many posts about the beauty and interest of astronomical events and space weather.

    But seeing as how we’re not growing oranges in Kent and wine is not a major English crop, “global warming” hasn’t reached the balmy levels that brought prosperity to ancient Rome and the High Middle Ages. We’re in a cool period (and not an Ice Age, either, so don’t run to the other side of the boat in a panic). So the Pope means well, no doubt, but he’s in fact presenting a sort of phrenology politics which is silly and irreligious. Our God is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, not the political Career, the Catchphrase, and the…

  • Finally, when Pope Francis becomes really interested in integrating religions and the environment, I’m sure that he will reinstitute the Rogation Days and the Ember Days, during which one prayed, fasted, and did liturgical processions for the good of the Earth, the crops, and weather, and when one prayed to be spared from natural disasters.

    Since he prefers to write papers, invey against A/C, and run movies, I conclude that either he’s not really worried enough to do anything that requires actual effort by the world’s Catholics, or that he’s afraid that we will freak out if asked to fast a few more days but will be okay with a few platitudes.

  • Dr. Cajetan Coelho

    Animals play an important role in serving our Planet.

  • P. S. John

    The objections to the call of protection of the planet earth by Pope Francis come from a kind of world-view that is no longer sustainable both theologically and scientifically. Let us repent of the sin of complete separation of the secular and the sacred neglecting the importance of creation and re-creation of the entire Universe through Jesus Christ. This re-creation started with the Incarnation of the Word of God as Jesus of Nazareth. Let the Church continue this mission in order to build up the Kingdom of God!
    John P. S.