Detroit Free Press front-page editorial decries Trump for Islamophobia

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"We Stand Together," appeared on the cover of the Detroit Free Press on Dec. 9, 2015.

"We Stand Together," appeared on the cover of the Detroit Free Press on Dec. 9, 2015.

(RNS) The largest newspaper in Michigan, home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the U.S., attacked Donald Trump in a front-page editorial on Wednesday (Dec. 9) for his “rank bigotry and racism” against Muslims.

Taking the unusual step of publishing a front-page editorial, the editorial board of the Detroit Free Press wrote that they were somewhat reluctant to denounce Trump, the front-runner in the contest for the Republican nomination for president, because such criticism often solidifies support for him among those who admire the businessman as an outsider who speaks his mind when others will not.

“But some slurs are so heinous that they must be answered,” the editorial reads. “And some lies are so vile that they become dangerous if not met with truth, and strength.

“Trump’s indictment of Muslims en masse is nothing more than rank bigotry and racism, a reach back to the darkest chapters of America’s history and a betrayal of the founding principles of our nation,” it continues.

Trump on Monday said he would prohibit Muslims from entering the U.S., a call widely denounced by politicians in both major parties and considered illegal by legal experts.

The front-page denunciation of Trump comes days after The New York Times published a front page editorial — a rarity for almost all major U.S. mainstream newspapers — on gun violence and American politicians’ failures to stop the proliferation of firearms.

(Lauren Markoe is a national reporter for RNS)

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  • Jack

    According to FBI statistics, Jews are (by far) the most frequent victims of religious bigotry. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Muslims to join in condemnation of that.

  • Larry

    We address Muslims here because it is currently relevant. Trump is openly advocating actions which attack the very nature of civil liberties in this nation.

    How many people in a major political party, running for the highest office, are advocating wholesale systematic discrimination of Jews, right now? None.

    At this point I can’t help but think Trump is playing the most elaborate joke on the GOP ever. He has tapped into their inner cretin.

  • Be Brave

    When one looks at the “Islamic Countries” in the world, where NO ONE is allowed to try to introduce or spread any other kind of belief system but Islam . . ., why is being concerned with the proliferation of masses of Muslims streaming into this currently non Muslim country, such a horrible thing to understand?

    Why aren’t the standard Christian bashers not arm in arm with Trump on this? Muslims represent a far wider swath of anti-progressive groups than Christianity could ever dream of. It’s fascinating to watch Christians being bashed into slivers by the Left while Muslims that are ten-times more anti-Western and non-assimilating . . . get a welcome wagon reception.

  • Debbo

    And the reliable and respected source for your claims is . . . . ?