US religious freedom envoy blasts campaign rhetoric against Muslims

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David Saperstein

David Saperstein

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ROME (RNS) During a trip to Rome for a conference on Christian persecution, David Saperstein, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom, did not cite Donald Trump by name but took aim at recent controversial comments by presidential candidates.

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  • ben in oakland

    Well, thank god for Christian bigotry against muslims.

    IT takes away from the time they can devote to beating up gay people.

  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact:
    In some places you might be considered a Muslim. Do you still think it’s a good idea to wage a war against Islam? Suddenly I’m thinking about the end of one of the ‘Planet of the Apes” movies…

    I won’t give a citation here. Gonna make you work for it.
    But I’ll give you a hint: Ask your elected officials or NGO. Now you just have to find the right ones.


  • Jack

    Count me out on bigotry toward either.

    As for Muslims, the envoy is absolutely right. If our goal is to win hearts and minds in the Muslim world in the fight against terrorism, we need not only to obliterate the terrorists, but reach out to the majority of Muslims who are not terrorists, who don’t support terrorism, who deeply oppose the radical Islamism which fuels today’s terrorism, and who often put their lives on the line in their opposition to such terrorism.

    But more than that, our country has witnessed an extraordinary thing — the very groups that hate each other in their respective home countries, ie Muslims in Pakistan and Hindus in India, get along in America. It testifies to what an amazing country we all live in, something we should be proud of.