• Ben in oakland

    Jews for Jesus are what the rest of us call Christians.

  • M McL

    Read St Paul where he attempts to convert Jews at risk of being ‘accursed”. The Pope is doing weird things…like visiting Hertzl’s grave, a secular Jew. What next, visit Custer’s grave?

  • Junebug

    Good thoughts, Rabbi. Uncle Frank has also recently said of Islam. “we worship the same God.”. I could substitute Muslims for Jews in much of what you’ve written. “Jews do not need Jesus to experience intimacy with God; they already have that intimacy”. Neither do Muslims – or Christians like I for that matter but Jesus did teach and demonstrate how we best should live together which most people of all faiths accept.

  • Jews who believe in Jesus are not seeking the destruction of Judaism. To the contrary, most Jews who become believers in Jesus embrace a greater love for and appreciation of Jewish identity and practice as a result of our faith in Yeshua.
    We seek engagement with our fellow Jews but for the most part have to deal with suspicion and accusations from Jewish leaders like Rabbi Salkin. Meanwhile we continue to proclaim Am Yisroel Cha!

  • Garson Abuita

    Jews for Jesus’s sought-after “engagement” with other Jews is no more than an attempt at converting us, and that’s why it’s met with such “suspicion.” You are an evangelical front organization masquerading as a Jewish group. The fact that some ethnic Jews are included within it doesn’t make it any less Christian.

  • Susan Perlman

    Jees for Jesus is not a “front” organization – our very name proves that. We love our Jewish people and we love Jesus – and we share that message with others

  • Stephen Kent Gray

    The comtradiction between religious groups having the right to continue existing with maintain their members within their fold versus the individual right to choose which religion they are or none. I also find the analogy to be an all or nothing approach where either Judaism doesn’t exist or Jews can’t convert to other religions with no middle ground between the two positions.