Trump: Clinton ‘lied’ by calling him Islamic State’s ‘best recruiter’

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Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls Islamic State killing of Christians a genocide. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Democratic U.S. presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls Islamic State killing of Christians a genocide. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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"They are going to people, showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists," Hillary Clinton said at the Democrats' debate Saturday.

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  • Larry

    “Do you share our goal of creating a war between Western Society and all Muslims?
    Then you can join us, We’re ISIS!”


  • Neil Heath

    I agree that he’s not their “best” recruiter, but he is one.

  • Well I guess Trump is right..because if there is one subject he has down pat it is making up[ lies out of thin air.

  • Ted

    Again with a lie involving Muslims and video like the phony reason she gave for the Benghazi massacre…but really, what difference, at this point, does it make? Per Isaiah 3:12 we may get her as a President because that is the type of thing that happens to depraved nations.

  • Ted

    You realize what she is saying is ‘we don’t want to make our enemies mad at us’? Appeasement is what brought so much turmoil and arson to Ferguson, MO, ruined George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, and a whole host of other good people by trying to placate the lawless radicals and criminals in our society. Democrats are a pox on us and bring disaffection wherever they get power to impose their will.

  • monica subirats

    The issue is the Syrian refugees, to whom ISIS is granting phony passports allowing for ISIS infiltration. If we had our priorities straight, that is the safety of the US, we should impose a temporary ban on most Moslems with the knowledge of phony ISIS passports. The Syrian refugees can best be helped by aide and resettlement in camps, coming here is not necessary and way too expensive to help only a few. So I agree with Donald Trump

  • Larry

    Still trying to make create a controversy over the tragedy of Benghazi. Maybe if Congress wasn’t so stingy with funding embassy security, they might have been able to resist the attack. I guess its easier to point fingers at others rather than own up to one’s own faults.

    George Zimmerman is living proof why the whole “good guys with guns” notion really means trigger happy homicidal amateurs. The d-bag doxxed his ex-girlfriend after breakup. Eff that cretinous piece of garbage.

    Ferguson’s entire law enforcement/court system was predatory. Designed to shake down the population. I guess you support local government corruption and extortion.

    Sane, non-fanatical people saying that people both ISIS and Islamaphobes believe the same thing and work towards the same goals. War between the West and all of Islam. If you think the entire faith of Islam is your enemy, you are just assisting ISIS.

  • monica subirats

    The charge by Hillary Clinton is stupid, ISIS does not need Donald Trump to recruit, their theology grants them sex slaves, women and children to sleep with and is their best tool to sign up.

  • Actually no. ISIS isn’t granting passports to anyone. ISIS is trying to associate the refugees with them in order to keep people from fleeing Syria. So they have more people under their thumb. Akin to how we turned away Jewish refugees during the Holocaust because we worried about German spies among them during WWII.

    Banning on Muslims entering the country would be exactly what ISIS wants. It destroys our democratic values and serves their immediate purposes. The suggestion is vile.

    As for resettlement, that hasn’t worked for the Palestinians for the last 50 years. It’s ridiculous to think it would happen with Syrians. As a developed nation,, we owe a duty to take in refugees. As a nation of refugees and immigrants such a duty takes on greater importance. It defines us as a nation in a way others don’t.

    Ben Franklin had this to say for f00ls who would destroy a nation to feel safe
    “Those who relinquish freedom for security deserve neither”

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  • monica subirats

    I believe the appeasement approach of Hillary Clinton is dead wrong and historically was the failed approach against the Nazis. The resulting wars is proof positive, the enemy unfortunately must be destroyed.

  • Debbo

    What Clinton and other sane politicians are trying to do is not appeasement, far from it. Trump is aiding the Daesh recruitment. That’s what Hillary and all sane people are avoiding.

    Appeasement is giving up something the opponent wants in hopes that they won’t take more. Hillary is surrendering nothing. She’s been very clear about her willingness to escalate militarily. Trump is the one who is assisting them by giving them video recruiting fodder. That is simply stupid bluster.

    It’s so ironic that the biggest liar of the entire campaign, Trump, is accusing any other candidate of playing his favorite card. The evidence of the accuracy of Clinton’s statement is growing.

  • Jack

    The best recruiters for ISIS are presidential candidates who think Republicans are a greater threat to the world than radical Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS. That’s the surest sign they have no intention of taking ISIS seriously.

    And there’s nothing that will spike ISIS recruitment more than the knowledge that its fighters will continue to advance virtually unopposed.