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  • I love this campaign.
    We need to stop the hate against Muslims. Humans have rights.
    And Religious freedom is a necessary human right.

    Of course, religions are just ideas. Religions can be dismissed and laughed at.
    But NOT THE BELIEVERS who have every right to live safely and to worship however they wish.

    I don’t believe in Unicorns. But the little girls who believe in them are most precious and have every right to believe as they wish. Same for people who believe in Islam, Christianity or any other religion.

    we must never allow our distaste for a religion to lead to harming others!

    Thanks goodness for the first amendment.

  • dale

    Thank God for our military.

  • Jack

    Beautiful and right response by our US military. This is a military that believes in our Constitution and our democracy. It’s one more reason to be proud of those who wear the uniform.

    Shame on Donald Trump for his words, but what Trump meant for bad, the Lord used for good, resulting in such a heart-stirring, freedom-affirming reply.

    However, there is one dark aspect to the story:

    As bad as Trump’s words were, the mother made them seem even worse, by deliberately misrepresenting them in a way that apparently made her daughter think that Trump was seeking to kick out Muslim Americans, as opposed to preventing Muslims not already here from coming here to become Americans. Both sentiments are disgraceful but honesty requires we acknowledge a distinction and not blur the two.

    I would take a second and even third look at the mother. Lying is not a good thing and often points to something beyond itself.

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  • Omer zaile

    There are too many and most of Americans are peace loving people like all other human being people, but like Donald Trump and ISIS ( Daesh) are Devil’s disciple they disseminate hatred and violence among peace loving people. I salute the US Army, who knows for what they are standing and pray for them. God the Almighty Bless them. Peace for all humanity and let not give chance to the savage terrorists like ISIS and racists like Donald Trumps. We the peace loving people are the majority almost 99% of the total population of the WORLD.

  • Tank

    No, thank our service members for our military. Id10t!