• Garson Abuita

    The Fuhrer does not make mistakes. He has already told us he has the best memory on earth, which should include the meaning of words. He is not incapable of lying, however.. which leads us to the following conclusion: Mein Coif knew exactly what he was saying and knew that “schlonged” was vulgar. The fact that apparently an NPR reporter used the same term over 20 years ago to describe the Mondale/Ferraro campaign’s loss makes it worse, not better. Metaphorically implying that a female candidate lost like she got whipped with her opponent’s penis is absolutely sexist.
    I don’t have a problem with him using it as a verb even though it’s a noun. That happens in language all the time. E.g.: The meaning of “We got dicked over” is clear, even though dick also is a noun meaning penis. It’s a slightly more diplomatic way of saying “f*cked over.”
    BTW, you missed Jim Gilmore telling the RJC a few weeks ago that there was a “kiskus test” for candidates in the Jewish community.

  • Garson Abuita

    oops, 1984 was over 30 years ago, not 20.

  • mike

    Steven Pinker may be a Harvard professor, but he’s wrong about the meaning of this slang word. It may be Yiddish derived, but it’s New York slang now. Here is NPR’s Neal Conan using the slang word “schlonged” describing the defeat of Mondale and Ferraro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yurpga7CXDE

  • Garson Abuita

    “Yiddish-derived” and “New York slang” have a large overlap. Both are correct.
    Another one I forgot: Harold Ford Jr. claiming there was a “schmear campaign” against him during his 2010 run for the special election to fill Hillary’s NY Senate seat.

  • David Gibson

    I forgot the Harold Ford “schmear”! Thanks, Garson.

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