Anglican leaders downplay censure of Episcopal Church

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Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, left, speaks with protesters on the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, England, on Jan. 15, 2016. REUTERS/Toby Melville.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, left, speaks with protesters on the grounds of Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, England, on Jan. 15, 2016. REUTERS/Toby Melville.

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CANTERBURY, England (RNS) Exclusion of Episcopal Church from governance was “not a sanction; it’s a consequence” of its moves to allow clergy to perform same-sex marriages, the archbishop of Canterbury said.

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  • Margaret Sjoholm-Franks

    So….life will go on…we’ll keep praying, worshiping and doing our work, gays will keep on marrying and creating loving families, will keep on living in committed relationships, no matter of what an African bishop may say or do. I just hope TEC stops funding bureaucratic structures…out of sheer dignity the Anglican Communion should refuse any funding from us, after all our money is sinful and will taint the holiness of their churches

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  • Bernard DeKoninck

    “You, sinful you !” …yelled the African bishop from the pulpit…while his three wives listened attentively from the pews

  • Jim

    and after three years of penance ? is the Episcopal Church being sent to sit in a corner to contemplate itself? are the decisions that put it there expected to be changed?

  • ben in oakland

    Of course the leaders of the Anglican Communion, at least in England, are downplaying the current baby schism. It is in their interests to do so.

    Meanwhile, there is this:

    So Welby is apologizing for 1900 years of antigay persecution on the part of his and every other Christian Church. I’m sure he is dropping a briny tear– just the one– even as I write. Meanwhile, the African bishops and catholic counterparts and fundelibangelist fellow travelers are at the forefront of that persecution, demanding exclusion and secular punishments for gay people in their own countries. Is Welby demanding any changes from them, or is church unity far more important than destroyed lives and institutional bigotry?

    sorry for all the hurt, says welby. but we’ll just keep on doing it, anyway.

  • William Bockstael

    For those who advocate for a “traditional” and “biblical” marriage

    If brethren dwell together, and one of them die, and have no child, the wife of the dead shall not marry without unto a stranger: her husband’s brother shall go in unto her, and take her to him to wife, and perform the duty of an husband’s brother unto her … And if the man like not to take his brother’s wife …Then shall his brother’s wife … loose his shoe from off his foot, and spit in his face. Deuteronomy 25:5-9

  • “we are part of the Jesus movement, and that movement goes on.”

    Religious philosophy blocks progress, as it always does.
    What good can come from inserting into such an important discussion the immoral, bigoted, irrelevant, absolutist decrees from a 2000 year old revenge fantasy?

    “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents…and over
    all the power of the enemy: and nothing
    shall by any means hurt you.”
    – Jesus (Luke 10:19-20)

    Divisive and dangerous.

    It is time to start working on a post-religion society
    with equality for all – and the ridiculous superstitious search for demons in our midst can be abandoned.

  • Rev. John M. (Kim) Batteau

    As an American, raised in Christ Church Episcopal in Cambridge, Mass., and a retired minister within the Reformed Churches of The Netherlands, I am suprised and thankful that the leaders of the worldwide Anglican church have taken this positive step. I deplore the cheap shots made by some commenting on this story. The Lordship of Jesus, the authority of the Bible, the validity of historic Christian ethical norms, and Christian unity across the world are at stake.

  • Rev. John M. (Kim) Batteau

    Dear William, Any course on Christian hermeneutics and Biblical exegesis can do wonders, even for deep-seated ignorance.

  • Ben in oakland

    No they are not at stake.

    Christian unity? eXactly how many denominations are there that tell us all othe rest of them are not true Christians. Hint– most of them. The only things some Christians c agree on is “get the bus.”

    The validity of historic Christian ethical norms? lIke divorce and fornication? The Anglican Church was founded on divorce and fornication. Norms like reviling and slandering, getting drunk, burning witches, burning heretics, and some 250 years of war?

    These aren’t cheap shots at all. The Africans want to keep women in their place and continue to demonize gay people. The church has decided that unity and appeasing them is far more important than treating gay people decently, let alone like all other people they believe or going to hell.

  • Ben in oakland

    Not get the bus. Get the gays.

  • John McEachern

    Scripture Reason and Tradition leave a door open to subjectivity and conjecture. However, the Kingdom of God is not a democracy. Does inclusivity mean behavior has no boundary? Because I am something does not mean I deserve something. “me’ism” dominates the Americn Church and society.

  • Jay

    These bishops have blood on their hands. Their adoption of this sanction of the Episcopal Church of the United States because it accepts gay people fully will only encourage the violence and hatred experienced by gay people in Africa. These bishops have chosen homophobia over love.

    I hope that the Episcopal Church will withhold all contributions to the Anglican Communion and to any national churches that voted in favor of this sanction as long as the sanction is in place.

    I think gay people and those who are in favor of equal rights in England will simply give up on the Church of England.

  • William Bockstael

    Good…you should go to Africa and teach a few courses, especially in Anglican dioceses where the clergy get no formal academic training, or no training whatsoever…set them free from their ignorance, bring them into the light.

    Your professors at EDS will be proud of you

  • Billysees

    John M.,
    ” However, the Kingdom of God is not a democracy. ”

    And it’s not the church or scripture either.

    The Kingdom of God is not in ‘word’ (scripture verses), but ‘power’ (Spirit of God in us)……it’s not food and drink but ‘righteousness’ (good works and deeds) and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”……………1 Cor 4:20 plus Rom 14:17

  • Will Berger

    thank you for this intelligent response

  • Fran

    You either go with the truth of God’s Word, the Bible, or you dont. That is everyone’s choice on the earth.

  • Fran

    Yes, the kingdom of God is not any of man’s imperfect, corrupt and greedy governments, but a theocracy, or heavenly rule by God over humans on earth. It will soon put an end to all human governments, (Daniel 2:44) and rule over man by Jesus, its heavenly King (Isaiah 11:1-10). Oh, what happy days that millennial rule will bring to people of all nations (Rev. 21:3-4)!!

  • William Bockstael

    Thanks to you for your intelligent previous reply

  • William Bockstael

    All right, all right…let´s begin by stoning remarried women…then we can move on to the onanists

  • Jay

    Might as well also stone uppity women who presume to speak in church or about church matters.

  • Richard Rush

    Rev. John M. (Kim) Batteau,

    Hermeneutics and exegesis are key tactics in the deceptive art of making religious nonsense appear sensible. They “can do wonders” for making “deep-seated ignorance” appear to be sophisticated discernment.

  • Mark Hunter

    I say we go for six years. I would hate for us to taint their righteousness.

  • William Bockstael

    And while at that let’s find some slaves to work for me for free…any ideas where I could find some ?

  • James Koenig

    Scripture says that no one who loves God is “unclean.” I recently lost my partner of 44 years. We’ve both served in the church for each of those years knowing that God loves us and blesses our response to the gift of love in our lives via each other and our relationship. The Anglican communion issued a slap in the face to gays and lesbians and to the American church. “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” Our love didn’t need the American church or the Anglican communion to bless it– God did that. In the meanwhile you can get married and divorced over and over if you’re a “mixed” couple. Pathetic– It’s a kowtowing to conservative social agendas worldwide. And in the case of the church in Africa, it’s being complicit in violation of basic human rights and even murder in the name of God. Surely this grieves the heart of God.

  • Pete

    Is that right – he had three wives?

  • William Bockstael

    And probably a house boy …if you know what I mean

  • Billysees

    James K.,
    ” Our love didn’t need the American church or the Anglican communion to bless it– God did that. ”

    That’s quite understandable. To be ‘Spiritually minded is life and peace’. You were blessed to experience it.

  • Bryon Schmitt

    Really, gays will keep on creating families. I have surly missed something somewhere. We have come a long way from be fruitful and multiply and a man will leave his parents and cling to his wife to it is ok to pick and choose what you like about gods word.

  • MaryLou Scherer

    Too much crack will kill you

  • Ben in oakland

    You surely did miss something somewhere.

  • Thomas Didymus

    For the record, the Episcopal Church was promoting same-sex marriage and the ordination of gay men and women much earlier. In the early ‘90s the Church organized ‘dialogs on human sexuality’ in parishes to set the benighted laity straight. Soon afterwards the Church commissioned a committee to write a liturgy for the blessing of same-sex unions and ‘Bishops’ Teaching Document on Human Sexuality’, supporting the cause, was leaked. The ordination of Bishop Robinson was supposed to be the grand symbolic political gesture that pushed the program over the top.

    Other mainline churches have affirmed the right of gay men and women to be married and ordained without the sturm and drang. Only the Episcopal Church, with its usual arrogance, grandstanding and hamfistedness, has torn itself apart.

  • Kennedy

    When that offering plate goes empty we will see a change of opinion.

  • Gordon Wilson

    I’ve read through the posts debating on this subject. My first thought is, What a Hell of a way to debate the love of God.

  • See why It is such a joke for “conservative” or “orthodox” Christians to claim the high ground at http://JesusWouldBeFurious.Org/EpiscopalExtravagance.html .

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