Israel’s ‘Religious Zionists’ grapple with extremists in their midst

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Esh Kodesh, an unrecognized settlement outpost in the West Bank, is home to 40 Jewish families. Religion News Service photo by Michele Chabin

Esh Kodesh, an unrecognized settlement outpost in the West Bank, is home to 40 Jewish families. Religion News Service photo by Michele Chabin

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ESH KODESH, West Bank (RNS) Are the Jewish youths accused of murdering three Palestinians simply high school dropouts rebelling against authority? Or is the Modern Orthodox settler movement turning to violence?

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  • Barbara Leah Shegitz

    Get very tired of referring to Eish Kodesh as settlement or any other town in Samaria and Judea. The land belongs to the Jews and always has. The wording of articles are very telling. Support the people of Israel, or just be quiet. If you want to be hard on anyone then at least keep it evenhanded. You don’t report the terrorist activity. The animalistic behavior of the terrorists. Stop sugar coating the terrorist acts and hammering the Jews.

  • edward

    Sorry, I can’t agree with thee. The land does not belong to the Jewish people. The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof. The land is only on loan from God. It is the Lord’s will that the land be shared equably by those who need it. Anyone who kills to take land from others has made themselves an enemy to God. Jewish people who kill Palestinian people are no less deserving of the label “terrorist” than are Palestinian people who kill Jewish people.

  • It is not good to quote the Word of God for your own purposes. To quote the Psalms and ignore the Torah where God clearly gave the land to Israel and to his descendants is not good. I don’t know the best way for Israel to deal with this but what I do know is that there is far too much bashing of Israel while there enemies are often given a free pass. This is not good. We should never forget that God chose Israel through whom He gave us the Holy Scriptures, both the old as well as the new covenants. And it is through Israel that Messiah has been given. Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) had to be born from the line of King David as He was. He atoned for not only the sins of Israel but for those of the whole world. “As many as received Him (Yeshua/Jesus), to them He gave the right to become children of God.” Shalom

  • Langford_PO

    According to the Bible, God promised the land of Israel to Abraham and to his descendants as an inheritance. Now of course Abraham had and has lots of descendants. Some became Christians, some are Muslim. Some are Buddhist or Atheist. Many of Abraham’s “seed” — whether Muslim or Christian or Jew or whatever — have inhabited the ancient land of Palestine for millennia. They never left their beloved land.

    Genetic studies have found a great deal of genetic overlap between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews, and native Muslim Palestinians. I think if you REALLY believe this land belongs to Abraham’s descendants, then the only way to figure out who has a valid claim would be to locate Abraham’s body, find some testable DNA on the remains, then ask everyone who wants to “own” Israel to submit to a DNA test.

    Will it really come to that? A repeat of Europe’s 1930s dabbling with ideas of “racial purity?”

  • edward

    Come on over, Jack. There is a lot of fixing up that needs done around here. I need someone to climb up on the roof and find and fix the leak around the chimney. I have some plumbing issues I used to tend to, but no longer can due to arthritis. I could use the cash input, also.
    It takes a lot to keep up a house and land and no one spending their resources trying to keep someone else from living their lives is able to adequately maintain what they do have.

  • edward

    I agree, Langford, With the passing of generations Abraham has millions of descendants now, and most of them would not self identify as Jewish. It is absolutely crazy for these people to be killing their cousins over some foolish family squabble.

  • Jack

    Well, Edward, I’d be glad to — if you’re consistent with what you previously posted and acknowledge that as a fellow human being, I have part ownership of your house, as does everyone else on this board.

    That means if we all come over & help you fix it, and then you decide to sell it, you divvy up the proceeds. Every American must get a share, even if it’s just a pittance for each person.

  • Jack

    Correction: Every human being, American or non-American, must share in the proceeds if/when you sell your home.

  • edward

    Yeah, I was just doing the arithmetic. I believe I am correct in saying I would have to get seventy million dollars in order to give everyone on earth a penny. Real estate prices are unreasonably high, but there is no way anyone is going to give that to live out here in the swamp.

  • Garson Abuita

    Barbara your words are very telling as well. Judea and Samaria. Yeah, we get it. I guess calling your town “Holy Fire” is a telling choice of words too.
    I support the people of Israel — both the citizens of the State and the Jewish people in general. But that also means fighting the abuses in our community. Arami oved avi.

  • Langford_PO

    Barbara, you want even-handed reporting. Yet you say the land “belongs to the Jews and always has.” I suggest you brush up on your history, starting with Wikipedia’s article on Palestinian territories here:

    Then read about how these illegal settlements negatively impact the native population. Here’s a start: