• Donald Berlin

    Okay, after feeling gratified by a mere grain of progress in US-Iran relations, I am now enraged that Bob Levinson is still missing in Iran. Feel better? As one who is in awe of the usual clarity and prose of your thinking and writing, this article feels muddled. Talk about disconnects! Caroline Glick and the Shalom Center in the same article, let alone the same paragraph? Now, that’s a disconnect. Throw American Jewish organizations into the mix and you get a trifecta of disconnects. Finally, as we have learned repeatedly, diplomacy works best under the radar. The US has not ignored Levinson – still working on it. So what is it that American Jews should be doing today and what should be the aim of my prayer? I respect you more than you can ever appreciate but I feel that more focus is required for this proposition without a comparison of the extremes. Now that I have indulged in some Judaism, I’m off to sip a martini. Cheers!

  • MaryLou Scherer

    I am not into martinis…I prefer La Veuve Cliquot

  • MaryLou Scherer

    Probst !

  • Deacon John M Bresnahan

    What has astounded me is the lack of mention in any of the media about Levinson

    What bothers me most is how the media is ignoring the religious angles of the Levinson case.
    Iran is one of the world’s most anti-Semitic nations—There seems to be no interest in the media about his strange disappearance and how differently his case seems to have been handled by both the USA and Iran.