Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly – January 22, 2016

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India Beef Ban – In India, where Hindus who make up 80% of the population have long venerated the cow, many would like to see an outright ban on beef.  Recently, as Fred de Sam Lazaro reports, vigilante groups have targeted minority beef-eating groups raising concerns about the future of India as a secular democracy.

Social Media and Grieving – Among the many fruits of social media is its availability to be used to comfort the afflicted.  As Lucky Severson reports, millions are now turning to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to participate in the grieving process – to communicate, post images and to console the families of the departed.

World Hijab Day – Designed to foster cultural and religious sensitivity and tolerance, World Hijab Day is annually held on February 1.  The event encourages non-Muslim women to don the headscarf traditionally worn by Muslim women, to see how it feels to be a Hijabi for a day.  Religion & Ethics visited with Umanda Weerasinghe, who is Buddhist, as she took the Hijab Challenge last February, in Rockville, Maryland.  She was accompanied by her friend, Sofia Amir, who is Muslim.

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