Pope Francis enlists Virgin Mary in Vatican ‘silencing’ campaign

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Via the Facebook page of Paolo Rodari

Via the Facebook page of Paolo Rodari

Via the Facebook page of Paolo Rodari

Our Lady of Silence (La Madonna del Silenzio) in the Vatican via the Facebook page of Paolo Rodari

(RNS) In the good old days — that is, before 2013 when Francis was elected pope — if you wanted to silence someone in the Catholic Church you traditionally got the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to investigate them and issue an order to stay quiet, or else.

Now, it looks like Francis is taking a different tack, and with a different aim — using the Virgin Mary to get Vatican officials to stop gossiping among themselves about each other.

Paolo Rodari, the Vatican beat reporter for the Italian daily La Repubblica, noted in a Facebook post last week (Feb. 3) that for several months this icon of the Virgin Mary above, with her finger to her lips, has been hanging in the Apostolic Palace between the two elevators that are used for going up and down to what is in effect the West Wing of the Vatican.

The image was placed there at the behest of Francis, Rodari reports; it was given to the pontiff last spring by Mariella Enoc, head of the famous Bambin Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome, and was created in a monastery in Novara in northern Italy.

The motive for the placement, Rodari guesses, is “to maintain an atmosphere of silence.”

Not that the Apostolic Palace is exactly a frat house.

But as Rodari goes on to suggest, Francis has regularly blasted his own Roman Curia for indulging in the “terrorism of gossip” — a phrase he re-purposed last week when he told members of religious orders to avoid the “terrorist bomb” of gossip and back-biting in their communities.

Can Our Lady of the Shush seal the deal?

(David Gibson is a national reporter for RNS)

  • paul

    There are two forms of silence, one which silences gossip and evil. The other is the silence of the lambs which howls like and with the wolves. Two women, one who gives birth to all of her children and the other who prevents their births, kills them whenever she can. Two rainbows, one which promises life and the other which rejects it. A tree is known by its fruit, Mother nature silences her enemies quickly and their children are no more. Psalm 137.

  • MaryLou Scherer

    Nostra Signora della Omertà

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  • against gossip,but there’s nothing wrong with the whistle-blowers that bring to the light the many scandalous things that in the past were hushed up, and allowed to fester and bring untold shame and disgrace on the church, should we not ask Our Lady to intercede for us to ask the Lord to grant courage to christian people who are “in the know” about these things to bring them to light

    thank God for


  • Lynne Newington

    To be honest I find it hard to believe he would even consider calling on her this way considering the mockery made of her as Mother of the Church and what’s been done in her name.

  • Jon

    Get rid of the closeted old queens and there would be less gossip.